Holy Land and Shinsaibashi of new record establishment


The pop-up event in the holy place and Shinsaibashi Daimaru closed the curtain of great success. A new record establishment exceeding a new sales record in the second pop-up event in April 2016. Daily customer service was that it was great. Sales Staff is also a Flagship Store Takuya in Team Sleek, also joined the weekend and challenged with a super strong cloth. Takuya worked with Takuya who went back to Takuya, "I've been able to go above and I'm sorry I was strong and I'm sorry I talked with everyone." I regret it while establishing a new record! What is the guy! I'm sorry.

This time, Sales' s san was carefully analyzed past data and introduced the product. It was a content that has a very high digestion rate, and the number of materials to be developed, and the multi-store items. This Season Mania Pack Series HBD (Hybrid) of the Seasity Mania Pack Series This Season's Sales Traction. In addition, a full cow leather model of the d rule number 1 and Pack.4 is also sold out. And, in addition to Pack.1, Pack.1-M, ​​Pack.6, each of the clutch and SLG items are sold one after another. This time, it would be a factor that sting gray was attracting attention and sold out that I did not throw a diamond python in the Pack series. I'm looking forward to it!

Heart overseas customers in the Shinsaibashi area have continued to grow, and in proportion to that, there are also increasing inbound customers of KK, but this time there were a lot of users to Japanese customers. In the last day, the inbound was zero, all for the Japanese customers, and it became a fresh inbound composition. Detailed data of all dates will soon come out of Wakaya. I really look forward to seeing the contents.

Thank you very much to Many new customers this time. This momentum and Sacred Lauke and Shinsaibashi Daimaru 1F, September or October!

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