Holy Land, Shinsaibashi


We have also returned to Shinsaibashi Daimaru. The first pop-up event at Kitakan 1F is October 2015. Since then, it has been an annual event every season and this timeSixthbecome. Sales are slightly influenced by the number of foreigners' s land-patterned land patterns, but Katsuyukikodama has kept high levels of sales each time. Full-fledged pop-up event is the first time for our brand debut in Japan and has not yet been a while, for our first time, the first time in the department store 1F (3.1 tsubo) in the area of ​​10.4 square (3.1 tsubo), around He was stimulated daily on sales while surrounding Celine, Prada, Gucci and Maison-based Maison.

Since this is the first time a full-fledged pop-up event, it is a dark search to what to do. I did not know where to prepare any fixtures, and the president of the cooperating factory of Osaka City Town town was collected by his hobbies and used to borrow 10 carry aluminum containers with 10 several cases. The atmosphere came out and became a cool pop-up shop, but because it was the first experience, the packing of the key area was sweet and the event special venue rather than a shop. Nevertheless we were invited to get drunk with brand sales in a wonderful place and meet many customers, and this environment was convinced that they were the stage to be opposed to us in the near future.

At that time, the result of the budget was significantly higher, and the pop-up event offered from Shinsaibashi Daimaru in April 2016 after half a year. Based on the experience we got in the first pop-up, we started making fixtures while making ideas. And the finished fixtures are now "KK double T bar" who are active in events and flagship stores (the above image bar). Production of this is the iron art group "Iron Art Group" in Fujisawa City, which also appears on this blogSaito studioRequested "". One month later while repeating trial and error, a beautiful minimal functional fixture "KK double T bar" was completed. This "KK Double T Bar", now it is used every time in the pop-up event of Tomei Osaka, and it is a face of KK, and the Sea with the bag in the "Reclare Rules" in Paris and the Bag in the "Dantone" of Milan. Crossing, it is a gem that is also used at the exhibition at Paris NOSEASON every season.

The second pop-up event at Shinsaibashi Daimaru 1F brought them into the high -ac from Tokyo. The out-of-shelf, the Sales' s san and Sales company Sleek's Sleep was driven and carried out, and the venue setting was performed until late at night. The next day, the open event is expanding a backpack with a "KK double T bar", so the quality of the presentation to customers is significantly rising and the number of customers will be eel! Sales records that have not been broken still in the second pop-up event. After the session ends, I will carry fixtures to Tokyo. And driving 500km of the way of 500km alone. The body had reached the limit value after the daily sales help, but it was an incredible sales, and in the car BGM in the car has a fully open, and it is not a feeling of fatigue and a nonstop and a nonstop and a nonstop. There is.

After that, October 2016, April, 2017, and October, and the annual event, the pop-up event of Daimaru Shinsaibashi is sometimes there are various dramas and it is really fun every time. And this time, we will have a new encounter and have a weekend while getting on the momentum from the first day.

Shinsaibashi is just our sacred place.


Shinsaibashi Daimaru pop-up store Season: 4/11 (Wed) to 4/17 (Tue)

We look forward to welcome you.

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