Convenient "Wallet"


I made Suica for the first time. It will be expected now, but the traffic system IC card has been using PASMO so far did not have to buy Suica. The reason for creating Suica this time is because I wanted to experience Mobile Suica on iPhone X. Even if you are using iPhone X, we have not used "WALLET" which is one of the standard feature enlargements. I have always thought that it was so much, but I did not use PASMO because I did not correspond to "WALLET".

Under such circumstances, only ANA's air tickets are added to "Wallet" each time, they are boarding with tickets and their plensing is experienced About. The app itself, otherwise it will be useful, but it doesn't look at what kind of function, I'm not trying to know. If the biggest cause is not supported by PASMO, it is good if the traffic system IC card is not PASMO and Suica! Unlike the old days, JR, subway, and Osaka can also be used in Tokyo and Osaka, so it can be used anywhere all over the country nationwide.

When I examined "Wallet" properly, Apple Pay and Mobile Suica could feel quite easy to use. IPhone X by giving payment functionIs going to appear everywhere in the person's life scene.

For example, when getting off the train or bus at the time of commuting, when you shop and shop at the convenience store and shopping at the convenience store, when shopping on the internet and at home, and when traveling on the plane or Shinkansen. In such a life, wallets, credit cards, traffic system IC cards, electronic money cards, tickets, etc. are completed in the bag and the iPhone X completely in the wealth of the wallet. Formerly, "Wallet" that was an impression that all or not all has not been covered is also an impression that infrastructure is almost complete. I noticed that there was no such convenience.

In this month's business trip, when the airplane boarding is carried out by the leader of the iPhone X screen, the lounge will be passed through the security inspection site, and the iPhone X will be held by the leader when you get off the plane and get on the limousine bus. The automatic ticket gate of the train is also true. Furthermore, all taxis are all in the iPhone X. As the charge will cut a certain amount, it will be announced, so additional charges with a credit card registered in the "Wallet" app. What is it already!

Going forward, it may also be possible to get lost to choose from iPhone X, as the electronic money that can be used in iPhone X will also come, but now there is only one Suica. I was affording a dangerous for the iPhone X that will be replaced by the wallet, but I felt that I had to buy SUICA and started leveraging "WALLET". A few years after iPhone debuts, it is very similar to that time that I became a user who became a user in an intuitive and easy operation method for several years.

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