Old Leather Backpack Maintenance

Manufacturing brand Katsuyukikodama. This time, we introduce the innovation of our brand specialized in manufacturing.

Daily care of pigment finish leather

Many KATSUYUKIKODAMA leather products use pigment finish leather. Certificate of Katsuyuki DamaPack-1PACK-6The DensityMania series is also a pigmented leather. The pigment finish leather is finished with a pigment, so it is relatively strong in water and sweat, and it is a leather that is difficult to move.

Daily care.


1. Use a pig hair or a soft brush with a horse hair with a leather to brush it gently. Note that the part of the fastener and the part that is switching is easy to match Yogore and fine dust. It is point to choose a hardness brush that does not damage leather.


2. Brush, brush and remove fine yogore from the backpack, and then brush it with a dry cloth. It may be surprising, but in the case of everyday care, it is OK by wiping. It is completed when the tuya is slightly rising. that? Completed already? I think, but its easyness and pigment finish. Easy care is enough because we use high quality leather.


Special care once every three months


3.1. When brushing is complete, use a cleaner (clear type of color) for leather. Well used with our brand Columbus leather cleaner. The cream that blended collagen not only offsewing yogore, but also the leather will make appropriate nutrition. It is a universal item that can also be used for matte leather that is difficult to get out of excessive gloss. Here is a small amount of dry cloth.


It will be thin and painted to the leather. Tap the cleaner with Pompon and tap with the secret change. Caution here is to make the bracket and fasteners as much as possible. And

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Don't be too much with Goshigoshi! The pigment finish leather is tough, but please be aware that the color may be peeled off if the cleaner is applied and excessive rubbing.


4. Wipe lightly dry after painting the cleaner. It's completed if you have a feeling of stickiness and a sense of calm hua comes out.


5. Since the backpack can not be washed out, if you have leather cleaning, you will be able to open the fuster and open the fastener, and drain it in a well-ventilated shade, and it will prevent nioys and mold.


6. I will use it every day. Of course, it is important for everyday fine care, but it is one of the care to use it. If you can rotate the two backpacks about the two backpacks for a long time, it is good for leather. It is far if you use it more than not use⚪It is. Backpack of all-leather. Let's work with the work and private to grow into your own backpack! !

Shooting modelDENSITY MANIA PACK-6Please check it.


By the way. The aforementioned KATSUYUKIKODAMA mentioned above is a factory integrated manifucture brand. Please feel free to contact the flagship store if there is an oil shortage or deep scratch, thread, or breakage, etc. without compensation for the above daily care. We will flexibly respond to the remaining and repair. ※ This time, we are writing as a cleaning of black or dark pigment finish leather. Please note that the cleaning of light and cloth fabric products is different. Since the leather cleaner also has a strong abrasive power depending on the manufacturer, please test and use it in a place where it is not evident.


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