New god


LINE came from Sako "I hit again!"

Otani players who challenge Major League at two swords of pitchers and batters (hereinafter referred to as: Key Seisuke) today also left home run today, and Sago has lined to me. Since Major League has opened this season, Shara and I have a topic of Otani every day.

If you look at it, three Japanese Major Legers who have released three games consecutive home runs are only Matsui Hideki. The achievement in April seems to be the first Japanese. The Major League Vist, which was the only major league of the pitcher and the fielder, as Otani, is the only major league that achieved the two-digit victory and two-digit Battle hit at the same year, and the record of 13 (1918) is 13 wins and 11 was. It is not an exaggeration that Otani, 1 wins and 3 home runs in the first week, has already entered the range of 100 years since the vary.

Otani appeared in the Softbank Battle in July 2016 with the Stamen at the "No. 1 and Protty Pitcher", and showed an active life like a baseball manga that suddenly releases the first strip headshore in the first strike in the first table. In the game that recorded the fastest 165km in Japan with a pitcher, there are 8 balls that recorded more than 160 km of all 15 balls, and there are 8 balls, and there are 165 km at the fastest, this also records a live-action version of baseball manga I actually happened as if you were looking at. It may be now that "new baseball gods" is getting down to the major league after 100 years since the activity of the Beez.

Nono Hero who has recorded Noruhit noans twice in major and piled up the best 123 winning stars, and it was 44 years old, Japan-US total 4361 hits (as of April 2018), even majority 3083 Ichiro who came to hit hits is the god of baseball that Japan produced. Otani has just debuted in Major League, but from now on, however, I can not expose to the major league because I'm going to get a baseball enthusiastic.

Even if it is a baseball, even if it is a soccer, even if it is an Olympic, it is an active part of Japan, but it is really interesting. The items of Katsuyukikodama who created by paradiddle Lab in Paradiddle Lab while watching today's Otani's news, and it is a strong decision to fight overseas than ever before the spring.

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