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Takuya Takuya of the stylist of the flagship store is introduced in this blogCrossbody Chest Bag(A small body bag with diagonal and chest) is in smashing. When you travel to NYC last October, you want to have a bag that you can have a bag that can be worried about the cell phone and the two-fold wallet, the passport, and it is a model that was designed with a quick attack after returning home. Two types of mesh and hose leather have already been released, and custom models that hit the Ramponi's study of magazine SENSE are rapidly rising. After this, the release of the Deer leather model has also been refused and the new line of Katsuyukikodama began to be completely universal.

And in the new work of Paris in June, it was producing a 90's revival item. I want to put the design image here here, but it is still NG. I would like you to expect a pretty power work. Even if this revival item, even if it is our standard Pack series, smash hitCrossbody Chest BagYes, but it is an essential item that both hands can be used even if you have a bag.

This place is really many backpack users. In particular, it is really penetrated to the suit figure. Moreover, the style of backpack in the suit has completely disappeared in us. This phenomenon is noticeable in Tokyo, but it would be a backpack that the backpack was so penetrating that it would be a surprising answer when asked Sayo.

"Because you use a smartphone".

I felt felt felt fucked with a hammer. Really! Reading news on the train, walking while walking while walking in a smartphone. Even if you have a bag at that time, it is absolute condition that both hands can be used! If you have a brief bag, you have to operate your smartphone with one hand. In the case of a tote bag or shoulder bag, both hands can be used as well as a backpack, but since they have a center of gravity on one side, the body's balance is bad. Compared to them, the backpack carries the gravity balance because the bag is carrying the bag with both shoulders, and the smartphone can be used smartly. Well, I noticed that the spread of smartphones and smartphones is a major factor of the backpack squeeze.

Well, the 90's revival item in production now. This is also a free item with both hands. Please look forward to the new work where the sense of future feels intersects.

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