Flower life is quite long


Since the cherry blossoms became in full bloom, it did not rain once this year, so it was a leaf cherry blossoms and slowly scattered while maintaining a beautiful state. Sakura is blooming at a stretch and scattered at a stretch, but it is said that the beauty has become a Beauty's aesthetics, but this year's cherry blossoms are like such a warrior spirit, and I am beautiful forever♪It was a cherry blossom like a woman who enjoyed me. I like the cherry blossoms this year so far.

The fashion industry that we put in the fashion industry is customary for the cherry blossoms of the year, and the trend came at once, and it was not good to leave it. The street whirlweight in the last few years is no longer a standard, but if you actually experience it in the whirlpool that is more sophisticated and fixed, trends After passing off, it feels that it is definitely eliminated that the market will be a bad wilderness.

Now, as long as everyone is old, everyone wears the same thing, wearing, wearing, or listening, and listening. Hobby preferences are subdivided and diversified, and super-explosive hits are not born because they are even more personal, but if they can form a market, it has become clear that the trend has long lasted. After a long lasting, we have further evolved, and the corner (cadd) will be taken and the market will swing and the market will expand. If it is standardized, the market does not collapse. This is a flow of trends to the recent

The items of Katsuyukikodama are the same, and Pack1 has passed since 4 years after 4 years has passed, and the existence will increase more than the color and continue to reign on the position of the throne as a pioneer of a new trend. Furthermore, the second generation Pack5 and Pack6 released last fall are new and true generations that pull backpacks from sub-culture to the mainstream.

It's just a lot of beautiful blooming, and the life of the flower is quite long and the new green leaves wrapped the tree this year, like this cherry blossoms this year, the breath of the Density Mania: Pack series please.

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