Leather jewelry


Leather jewelry. A king of leather who everyone knows. Today is the introduction of crocodile leather.


I think there are a lot of recognition that you have high vague and crocodile leather = so much. The leather itself has been branded by just a high, majestic appearance. Today, we will thoroughly comment out the charm of crocodile that is not visible in the fluffy image and price. (Something is temple, laughs)

Is it crocodile in the first place?

Yes, I ask you well, but this refers to the crocodile family. It is only a large number of types of (に) in the world, but only Crocodile family is treated as a higher material. The Crocodile Department has a Sham Wani Ilie Wani New Guinea Wani Nile crocodile, and Katsuyukikodama is a highly balanced sham cranis in the middle.

Flyy too rare

Crocodile can only grow up in a limited environment of subtropics, and as it is a ferocious creature as you know, it will hurt each other, so it is extremely rare to be able to use it as a beautiful leather. Crocodile tanners are only counted around the world, but we will finish from skin to leather over long time

Advanced expertise

When one crocodile is commercialized as a bag or wallet, it requires not only sewing but also a patterned pattern with left and right balanced. (About pattern matching blog check!It takes high technology to read and cut the unique scallops and cooking one round, and finish it to the product. Katsuyukikodama has created an item with high accuracy and crocodile attraction with high accuracy with high accuracy with high accuracy in Katsuyukikodama, where there is a PARADDLE LAB of your own sewing plant with an outstanding sewing technology.



Whatever you say, it is a majestic appearance that is suitable for the name of the King of Leather. The aligned areas are strongly strong in words. And beautiful.

Image is an icon model of our brandPACK-1-M Crocodile Model. Crocodile specialized in hunting in water is strong and strongly durable in water because it lives in abdominal. It is also suitable for daily use. As it is on display at the flagship store, please touch the actual touch and feel the charm of croco. It is no doubt nailed to be able to express in words! As a buddy of life. Crocodile &Exclusive modelIt was an introduction.


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