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"My map ~ I want to go back to that place" I met in a certain weekly magazine from the unlimited magazine reading service. This is a good project ~! It is the final round this time, KATSUYUKIKODAMA that started with me!

SPOT 04. Paris · 3 wards and 4 wards: France Paris, which was first made in 2002. We made a reservation directly at the hotel on the Internet that has begun to penetrate at that time instead of travel agencies. That was three districts. The exhibition hall at that time also spent in the area called this male while staying for a few days at the side of the Picasso Museum of 3 wards. Male is a charming area where there is a historical building where there is a historic building where it is quite quiet and in-house, compared with the Arc de Triomphe and the Opera area. It is an attractive area that makes the old town. It is a paris of the best art and fashion origin of fashion, and in the area where LGBTQ (Sexumai) is gathered, many Sex Mai couples are encountered in the day and night. The select shop "Reclare Rules", which was by the hotel, went every day. The door closed the key and the staff came to open when the buzzer sounded. When it is tense, it was overwhelmed by the quality of the nearest trend product and the coolness of the neutral staff. If you want to try the perfume's "COMME DES GARCONS 2", speaking to the blue-eyed male staff with blond hair that is shook, the word returned is "Try smelling the neck of me!" When I was sweetened and smelled, my normal I feel strange (laughs). Nowaru, I have stayed at Male hotel or apartment in Paris. I spent a lot of time in male, so I can see the place of supermarket and delicious cafe to buy daily necessities. Recently, dinner's location has also been almost decided, but every time you visit, it has a new discovery. Next, I am looking forward to June scheduled for the BA.

SPOT 05. Milan Marka Street: A contract with Milan's showroom Marcona3 in January 2013, in January 2013, started again in January 2012. After the Joint Exhibition Tranoi was finished, it brought in the sample to Marcona3 in Paris, and then they were sent to Milan, and exhibited at the shortest end showroom Marciona3 of Markona Street. After the end of the sales campaign, I visited Milan for the first time, and I had a business concept of the season and the work of business in the showroom with the staff of Marcona3. The schedule of Milan business trip at that time is 5 days a night. The season was a climate that could spend a short sleeve at the end of spring. The city of Europe can go through one or two days if it is not wider than I thought. The city of Milan was the same, and it became more detailed in Milan with only 3 days (I felt). Milan's town creation was surprised that it was completely different from Paris though it was the same Europe. Milan is engaged in the road and many curves and buildings have a new and old and new and old feeling. Hmm? What a little bit disappointing? ? Of course, the buildings such as Duomo and Galleria on the north side, the gate of Galleria entrance are beautiful and wonderful, but in the area of ​​the surrounding area, it is not unity if it is not symmetrical. It is obviously different from perfect and strict, and Paris town creation to be minus. Surprised is Sfor Zesko Castle. If you look at the middle of the courtyard surrounded by the square wall wall, the height of the castle wall is different on the right and left side! Although the lord of the era was repeated and remodeled, most of the invasion of Napoleon was dismantled, and it was repeated repeatedly, but the height of the wall of the wall is different. It is a big deal of Italian people who don't care at all, and the Sfor Zesko Castle is out of. Yes, it was impossible to force the top hierarchy of the Belfry Pisa, which is leaning during the construction, and only the top hierarchy (laughs). This is also unique to Italy. Such Italy, I love it.

SPOT 06. LA · Marina Dell Ray: LA was a place where I was a Metal Kids, but I was a place I wanted to go in a longing place from the time of a junior high school student, but I was not blessed with the opportunity to go private or private. In summer 2014, Marcona3 work to go to Las Vegas, and I decided to get to the LA that it was a negative angle. Go to the LA airport and head to the legendary club "Whiskey A Go-Go-Go" and "Roxy" while blowing off the time difference blur, and also visit the "Rainbow" of the adjacent bar from this place to this place in the 80's I thought about Motley Crue, Ratt, GUN's'n Roses. At that time, I did not want to stay for 2 nights, but the Counter Culture Sacred Land La was the most favorite city in the world in a moment, jumping over Paris and Milan. Since then, I came to go to LA every evening for late summer. Carrata air and the west coast resort specially rooted atmosphere, firmly rooted music and trend fashion origin of the trend. It is a great place to foster work of work at the same time to rest slowly. Recently I'm staying at the Apartment of Marina del Rey by Venice Beach, but I felt like I live in LA when I went to buy ingredients by car in the nearby supermarket "RALPHS". When shopping with a member's card of "RALPHS" that is descounted simply by presenting, the local people itself. Above all, when "How's Going?" Is "How's Going?" In the entrance, "Pretty Good!" When it was answered normally, it makes you feel rising to the sky because it is the first time. The day of everyday with LA is always fun for a moment. This summer is also a quiet environment and a calm climate to LA.


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