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I have released a number of wallets. This is another fact that cashes are in progress in the way. A few years ago the laptop is thick and there were many kilometers, but now it will be done all-in-one with a smartphone or tablet. Cash is becoming a world that can be settled with cards and applications without the minimum required. We introduce new items sent to such state-of-the-art minimalist.



Since the black mode is released in various tails in the modern brand recently, the black mode is already unknown to this category. That's right, a completely new sense wallet of the type that you hang down from the naming neck. It will be an item that opens the new category of neck wallet.


S, M, and M, and L, items are 1 set now items, respectively, as mini wallets and passcases, as well as smartphones, keys, and minimal items such as. Since it is a separate type, backpack andTote bagYou can use it as a charm. A rich carabary except all black is also a good point. While being a catchy item who holds the trend, it is also possible to feel the pigsweer with a pigsweer that you can do a pigsweer that you can do a pigsweer that you can do not be decorated in the faster with a Catchy item in the fastener using the Swiss Riri Zip. , Smartphones, etc. are not damaged.Imgp4873


Of course you can use it from the neck and use it, but it has a good way to use mini-hands bags and good atmosphere. It is fresh and comfortable to have three bundling tapes and have three bundles. (Summer was so cool that I used to be cool if I used this feeling)


Small technologies that are also doing well of designerbutToteIt is cool to put on a key ring, a charm feeling! Big Details Shizuka Kodama's Arrange. Only one hide from the neck, the rest is a style for the bag and I think it's a style, so it's the same feeling as I bought two items. When considering in such a point of view, when you give a bag or clothes with a present, you will be lost, but thisNeck walletIf you can use various ways regardless of men and women, you can feel free to gifting! Please feel free to contact Toda, please feel free to use the present when passing a present.

Then I am looking forward to seeing you at the store in April.

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