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"My map ~ I want to go back to that place" I met in a certain weekly magazine from the unlimited magazine reading service. It looks like "my resume" of Nikkei newspaper, but this is a good project! This time, next time, KATSUYUKIKODAMA "My map" will be spoken on this place!

SPOT 01. Kawasaki City Tama Ward Nono-cho: I first lived in the middle of Odakyu Line. It's Tokyo if you get the Tama River, but I chose this place for the reason that the rent was cheaper just by being able to do with one shot. I lived in the east-faced apartment of 2DK with 2 brothers. Noriyu was just an intermediate point of the university of his brother and my university. It was a room with no air conditioner, and the summer's room is incubated. Tropical nights were asleep, and every time it was sweeped away at the morning. Still, the air conditioner did not install for 4 years, and the university friend never came to stay in summer. At the time, the building is old with Battery Bata, and there was no Buzza, and there was no ball (laughs), and a narrow path was joined (laughs), and the atmosphere of the old Showa Yokocho left the atmosphere of the old Showa. Nowadays, the image is also very beautiful around the station and the image, and the image has changed slightly, but I could not boast at all as a city where I live. Nothing, I went out daily to Shibuya, Omotesando, Aoyama, Shibuya, Omotesando, Aoyama, Shinjuku with school, byte and play, with a longing Tokyo Life, Noriyu, byte and play. When her friend broke up with her, I walked from her home and I was drinking all night with a 5-minute old tama. Ice coffee of the station in front of the station (name?) Ice coffee was delicious and delicious, and it was delicious, and the octopus fried shop in front of the South War line crossing is also effective and it was excellent. I was. I knew the taste of Chinese chicken gala is a stir-fried meat vegetables of "Chimaki dining room" of the apartment, and the tideeho tight meat of the station was also really delicious while the chain store. I bought a metal CD at a small record shop. Miyazawa's photo book "Santa Fe" booked bookstore before the station. If you stretch your feet for a moment with a bicycle, there were "Jesson" and "Dikuma" of the discount store, and the daily goods were all at all. It is a good memories. It was a good city where everything is likely to get along with you at the same time.

SPOT 02. Shibuya Ward Shinsen: The office of the company who worked first was in a place where the national road 246 and the former mountain handband were intersected. Now that the shopping district of Shisen is now, there are still a stylish cafe and a tavern, but here too, it was a shabby street. The atmosphere is something that is at the end of the Love hotel town of Dingenzaka, and the atmosphere is something (← moisture appropriate?) The person is as little as people compared to the center of Shibuya, and Shisen Station is small and the home is not I made a halfway that I could not. I fell weak to Shinsen companies, but the company was "The Black Company" that the company is intense and still saying. There is a boost system that I can not return to my home until I achieve the sales theme every month. Because it was young, I was able to drink sake every night and drink alley every night, but it was fun, but after all I wanted to go home early at home. Thanks to you, every breasts were trained. From the second year, it was used to the sparta system and the income was not bad, and it has been a momentary illusion, but I got the illusion for a moment, but I got used to get rid of sanity in the university. I will return to the fashion way.

SPOT 03. Shibuya-ku Jingu: After all Jumiya front is an essential place for my life. It is my work place for 23 years since I started working with the bag. Jingu Front 4-chome and 3-chome area in the south, Omotesando, the high stand sandwiched by the North Western Street. It is a comfortable place to be wrapped in the wind that blows up from Harajuku. When I first visited Omotesando and Jingu before I was in college, I felt something that would not be a great important place for me. The first part-time job was after all Jinguma, and when my family's friend came to Tokyo, I always played in the Jinguma Fragma. It is Rohoho of Omotesando, who met Nakayama Miho and chance at the time of young (laughs). Even after independence, he had an office in front of Jingu and finally opened the flagship store at the end of the year. It was all the place that I went to society and I also knew it was also good. In recent years, Apple stores were also available in Omotesando and have a flower in a luxury brand town city. A "Sakura Burger Problem" that mobilized part-time job and intentionally creating a matrix when McDonald's, which was previously located, mobilized part-time job and intentionally creates a matrix. Cafe's "Lotus", which is a country of Counter Cartaru, is my school food of 20 years, and the Garrett's specialty store "Le Burtanu" and the customers in the "Le Burtany" will not know. "Mai Izumi", who renovates the public bath and putting the customer, is always pleased to take a customer. Previously, I've been to Jingu, which I've been loving so far.


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