KK "My Map" ~ Part 1


I had a hobby from the age of the school, and from high school days to the bookstore from high school days, I had a lot of magazines. Burrn!, Lockin F, a young guitar, a monthly magazine, such as Hot Dog Press, Popeye, Menkra and Mennon, etc., I liked the monthly magazine, etc. A photo weekly magazine that can read realistic "now". I will be lucky to live in FOCUS, which was a couple of frequent focus and a lot of frequently, and a lot of gravure, and I missed the week when I was launched until now, I missed it until now I always came back in a bookstore, such as Flash.

Every Tuesday is Flash, Wednesh Focus, FOCUS, Friday as its name, and it was possible to get the information of "now" in 30 years ago, and it was possible to get the information of "now", and the Monday Released Weekly. · If you put a weekly post, we were able to learn information such as fresh entertainment news and political incidents, disasters, disasters, accidents, etc., except for every Thursday and weekend. A lot of photos and information that has not been reported to the house and a complicated incident that has not been reported to be sent easily, and there were also many photos and information that can be reached by the Ura of News, and it was a considerable stimulus for me . Now I am overflowing all the information in the net news, but at that time I think the photo weekly magazine played its role.

My standing place is a high school-university period, became a book corner of a convenience store that has rapidly increased when he became a member of the neighborhood or city, and now it changes with the era at any time at any time with iPad did.

Using the universal fixed magazine reading service of the net, DL the magazine you want to read when you want to read. Unlike bookstores and convenience stores, there is no selling soldier, so I could not read, and the back number was also DL and the quality of reading was dramatically changed. In the old days, there was a scoop article, and it was sold out of the sold out shop, and many of the nearby bookstests and convenience stores were searched. On the day when the photolithographic magazine was not accidental at the 1st day, the day when the weekly magazine was not accidental, it became a doubtful doubt, and it became bloody until it was found again, and it became bloody and it became horsigen. However, it was also Zara that I had never found anything in the photo weekly magazine. Thanks to the net and tablet (including smartphones), many surrounding environments have changed without wasting time.

Well, the preposition was very long, but I met a funny article with a dl of a weekly magazine from the unlimited magazine reading service yesterday. "My Map-I want to go back to that place ~" A corners that you have a few times in a series of 363 times, and you will be asked to give a few meetings of memories. This week, I was currently in the revival of the bubble-term top Idol Ogino Sako.

This corner itself, I read for the first time, but it is interesting to read and read from the life of the guest themselves, the twenties and more adults and more. It looks like "my resume" of the Nikkei newspaper, but it can be stressful and read-free and ready sentences that are spots and women who are like a weekly magazine.

This is a good project ~! Next time, I will talk about KATSUYUKIKODAMA "My Map" in this place.


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