Omotes Acado of Italy.

Custom events by studsa Decorations and the Beauty Have finally arrived at the flagship store. Let's get one and only special items in the space where you can speak over the national partner shop and have a more powered up to the flagship store! The details were not released at the venue, so today is an introduction using custom items that work with the edge of Sales's Edge & Toda Select! !

Leather used for customPack-1YaPACK-6It has become a cow leather used for the popular model of Katsuyukikodama. A semi-titer facial expression pulls out the impact of the studs. Of course the base item is that it is a brand popular item group. Please look at it with the wear image.

CROSS BODY · CHEST BAG / ¥ 45,000- (excluding tax)


Square Clutch / ¥ 38,000- (excluding tax)


SHOULDER CLUTCH / ¥ 68,000- (excluding tax)


Mini clutch / ¥ 39,000- (excluding tax)


Belt / ¥ 25,000- (excluding tax)


PASSCASE / ¥ 19,000- (excluding tax)


Finally I want to go out to exceed 20 ° C this time I want to go out this time. I would like to choose an item with a sense of presence that will be the center of styling for the future season. Wear images are only an example. Let's get one Katsyukikodama item in the world freely by choosing the individual's full-featured studs made of Ramponi in Italy!

Of course, Sales's Kugamatsu, Toda, and lucky, the designer's Kodama also has a custom consultation immediately. Feel free to call the flagship store.

※ It is unified at the price of which studds choice.

Katsuyukikodama flagshipstore

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12 / 03-6434-9666


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