Beauty of cherry blossoms in Tokyo


This week, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the stress of cold is no longer the coming season. When I passed through the 9th-stage lower week in Yasukuni street, I was returned to the cherry blossom customer who came to see the cherry blossoms of Chidori. I went to the east of Yasukuni Street as it is, and I tried to go to the Paradiddle Lab of Yanagi Bridge, there is! I remembered that the front right of the Yasukuni Shrine, changed the route and headed to the north circle.

I changed the route, but I wanted to see the cherry blossoms of the distress Street through the North Maru Park. I love cherry blossoms here, and I am a big traffic jam every year, but I'm going to go through the distributors town. You can always run Swiss and runs the cherry blossoms slowly with a traffic jam, and the choice of this route is an annual annual event for me that lets you feel the arrival of spring.

The Chidor-cho, Senkabuchi, who falls to Takebashi, the cherry blossoms hanging down to the rice bridge, and the cherry blossoms of Chidorigafuchi will be a great view Relieve the trees. The contrast of the National Museum Crafts Museum of Western-style architecture in the back of the sunshine and the back is so beautiful.

If the dry gate on the opposite side is open, the cherry blossoms in the Imperial Palace can be seen from there. From the dentagon, autumn also overlooks autumn leaves and is really a wonderful view. By the way, this spring is the general public from the Sakashin gate to the northern side of the Imperial Palace south side, and now it is full of flowers on weekdays. If you pass through the dry gate, you will go down the hills to the Takeshi Headquarters with the newspaper headquarters every day, but the view from there is also the best. Daiko Town Street is only 5,600 m, but it is full of the point of view, so it is recommended not to take a walk.

There are a lot of famous places before coming to the North Maru's Daikacho Street from the Flagship Store. The cherry blossoms of Kioi Town Leather seen from the three-dimensional crossing of Aoyama-dori Seisaka is also beautiful, and the cherry blossoms of the Supreme Court as soon as they turn left left. The large cherry blossoms of the entrance of the National Theater next to that, also blooming the majesty. The Sakura-cho, the British embassy just before Mr. Daiko-cho, the trees of the British embassy are also in the top ten in the crowd. It is wonderful to Tokyo. Spring-Summer Fall Winter season always feels "beauty" and among them, especially spring is the best.

Under this morning, there was an uncle who is making me in love with the cherry blossoms in full bloom under the cherry tree. I don't smoke, but I thought that the cigarette would be delicious.


[Image] Because it is an early time in the morning, I am empty. The weekend of this time will be a lot of traffic each year.


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