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My social life started from the industry sales department in the bag. I was a low-priced fast brand sales of Ladies, but I was really selling the brand to a department store to create a corner and strongly made a corner. Around that time, just a bubble and a local bank or a securities company failed, and Japan was a time of the arrival of an unprecedented late recession that Japan has never experienced. The frenzy of the bubble era that has been sold was also cold, and it was a good price of good quality.

Because it is such an age, I was immersed in Sales with the individual's belief that a fast product that makes a trend with a low unit even if it is a department store. Introduction, there was also a leverage of the department store, and the development of the fast brand was not started, and the main cooling of the market becomes stronger, the door begins to open, and finally my belief is Pitari I was able to corners to the department store.

Moreover, it is 10 million yen a month, and more than 100 million yen a year, and a high propuristic corner store has begun, and the presence of a fast brand was inscribed in the market while the presence of a fast brand was in blearth, with a high-priced, and fast brand's existence. It was really intense, and at this time, I also made a new cutch of an existing brand at that company.

The company was selected as a member of the new brand of men's new brand and became a member to create a new brand. It was still a 20-year-old to create a new brand, and I was spent every day while being wrapped in some kind of mission that I was making brand history from zero. Because I had a set of materials at that time, I thought that I did not want to forget this moment. Now that their materials will only see something when moving off the office, but it is really fun when reading again while reading the handwritten loretics in the late 1990s. You can see that you have created a brand in expectations and anxieties, and remember like yesterday.

After debut, the brand sweeped a new category that was almost no Men's bag, casual and mode mix. And in addition to selling department stores and select shops, shifted to direct store strategy, and overseas expansion also fulfilled, and it was reigned as a male bag of men's bag until the 2000s.

And with the experience, I finally make my own company and make a brand name "Katsuyukikodama" with my own name brand nameIt will be now.

Create a composition, create a cartoon, create a haiku, create a haiku, create a goal, create a band, create a band, create a song, create a picture, and make a picture, and create a picture. I have touched it to be an adult and I touched to make a brand. And I'm going to "create our brand with our hand, and I'm going to go ahead today as well as" Creating culture-culture "ahead.

Dream Theater's "The Spirit Carries On", the last bow of the lyrics, it is our answer from the time of starting the company.


If I die tomorrow / I am okay / Because I believe / Even if we are gone / When the soul continues to live



My Businessman Life Started Withed WITH a Sales field in Female Bag Industry. The Price WAS AFFORDABLE BECAUSE ITS BRAND WAS in Fast Fashion Field. I WAS Thinking So Much of Make A SECTION For These Bags in Department Stores. In Those Days, Due to The Collapse of the Bubble Economy, MANY Regional Banks and Brokerage Houses Went Into Bankruptcy and the Japanese Economy WAS ABOUT TO BE DEPRESSED THAT WE HAD Never Experienced. The Madness Age of Luxury Consumption Was Dying and Good Products at Cheaper Prices Were Going to Be Demanded.

I Concentrated On My Own Sales Promotion for AfflorDable Price But Fashionable Items Even for Department Stores Because I Believed That's the Was A Demand for It. AT First Department Stores Were Not Willing to Start a FAST Fashion Brand. HOWever, Their Minds Were Changing Little by Little As The Market Was Changing from the Past. Finally my thought Met the Market Need, The Section for Our Products showed up in the Corners at Department Stores rapidly.

The Brand Got TEN MILLION USPITSUION PER MONTH AT A SECTION AND reached a Hundred Million JPY for A YEAR, AND SOME of the SECTIONS GOT High Sell-Out. The Fast Fashion Brand, As I Focused on the Sales Promotion So Hard, Grew Up in A Flash in the Market. IT WAS Absolutely Thrilling to Me and Actually I Made A New Style for Existing Brand in the Company. NEXT, I WAS Chosen To Be A Member of New Men's Brand Launching. I WAS Still in My Twenties and this experience of Creating a New Brand Was Really Exciting. I Spent Everyday With A Sense of Mission THAT I Felt I WAS Making Up a New History from the Beginning. This is Why I Still Keep The Documents I WAS USING BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO MISS EVERY MOMENT for this Project. TODAY I Only Review The Documents When We Move to Another Office, But IT IS Very Fun to See The Low-Tech Handwriting Materials of Late 90's. IT Seems Almost Like Yesterday THAT I WAS Excited and Terrified at the Same Time to Create The New Brand.

After ITS Debut, this Brand Overwhelmed The Market with its ITS OWN New Category of The Mixture of Casual and Mode. In Addition to the Sections at Department Stores and Multi Brand Shops, They GOT Also INTO retail business and even advanced into overseas market. Until mid 2000’s the brand had been a hero in the male bag market. Through this experience, I finally decided to create my own brand with my fellows, putting my name, KATSUYUKIKODAMA.

The creation that I adore such as essays, Manga, slogan words, Haiku, goals, music band, songs, drawing, has now reached a brand launching. We create our own band with our own hands. And we step forward every day to our goal “culture creation“. The last part of DREAM THEATER’s ”The Spirit Carries On” is our anthem since we started the business.

If I die tomorrow / I’d be alright / Because I believe / That after we’re gone / The spirit carries on

The passion for creation –End-


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