Passion to "Create" -Mid Hen / The Passion for Creation-Part 2-


I became a high school I made a metal band. Naturally I thought of a band name, I played live in a live house of local Oita since one year high school. After buying a drum set from a senior, I changed the parts more and more and modified into my own set to make my room a drum room. When I hit the drum, it was very annoying, but it was a day for 30 minutes a day and a father talked to my neighborhood, and I was allowed to hit the drum in a drum room every day. When I put a guitar or base amplifier in the room and brought a guitar and a base amplifier, I took a lot of band members and studio, and I was really angry and got in.

Band's performance technology started to create an original song at the same time. I didn't play the guitar and piano at that time, but I recorded my nasal song on the cassette tape and passed it to the member's guitarist. There was also a feeling that I was embarrassed to record my nasal song and listen to people, but I was more strong that I was playing my own songs with a band. As there was a basement at the guitarist house, this time, I brought an amplifier there and made a song while making a big sound. High School Rock Championships, who challenged with the original song of high 2 falls, the original song of a gorigolic metal, but everyone is a newcomer and recordings in a full-scale studio are really good memories.

I spent a picture of a picture every day in the university that was spent in a long time. I applied for a caricature corner of the music magic magazine of musicians who liked the music magazine, and I brought everyone to draw her face picture of her friend. When I was small, my learning notes were drawn more and more painted. Since the picture was good at the time of elementary school, the principal was specially requested to be specially requested, and it had been presented by drawing a portrait in the school principal chamber after school. A friend who met for the first time in 30 years ago, when I was in the first grader, "I drew a picture of a lion all day, but I'm drawing it until now?" I can not do it! Returned, but at the time I really want to make a picture of the lion I watched in the wild kingdom, and I remember I was drawing a lion every day as my friend. I also liked to draw pictures.

I wrote a lot in the first part, but I will create a composition, create a cartoon, create a mandarism, create a haiku, create a target, create a band, create a band, create a band. And have created a picture and always touched "creation". "Creating" the spirit always flows into my body and finally served as a member of society.


I made a Metal band at high school. Of course I made a name of the band. We played a lot from the first grade in Oita Prefecture, our hometown. I bought a drum set from my senior and modified with additional parts and my room BeCame A Drum Room. The Sound is Obviously Too Loud and Bothers Thee TOO LOUD AND BOTHERS THE neighbors. My Father Convinced Them With A Promise To Allow Me to Play Half A Hour a Day. However, My Wholle Band Came to My Room and Play As IF We Were in a Studio with Guitars and Bases, The Neighbors Got Mad AT US needless to say. Once we developed our performing skills, we started to make our original songs. I could not play the guitar or piano at that time, but I often passed tapes of my humming to the members. It was a little embarrassing, but I HAD RATHER WANTED TO PLAY MY Songs with the Band Than Being Embarrassed. The Guitarist Had A Basement SO We Could Bring an amplifier to play loudly and made our songs. When we were 17 years old, we joined High school Rock Championship with our original Metal song. We actually failed, but the scores we made together and the studio we recorded are always shining in my memories. During my college life with a plenty of free time, I spent time for drawing everyday. Once I got a prize on the portrait of my favorite musician on a magazine. And also I draw a face of a girlfriend of my friend and it made everyone laugh . In my childhood, my notebooks had full of drawing. The schoolmaster of my elementary school requested me to draw his portrait because I was good on that. The other day I met my elementary school friend after 30 years, he asked me "Are you still drawing lion all day long like when you are on the first grade? "and I replied," No, come on! ". In those days I saw lions on TV program and wanted reserve their figure so I concentrated on drawing the lions. So The Friend Is Right. I WAS Always Drawing Everyday. Yes, I loved drawing that much and never stopped. As I mentioned on the part1, I have always been with creativity such as writing, Manga, slogan words, Haiku, target making, band, songs, and drawing. In any fields the sprit of creation had Been Flowing in my body and finally I WAS Going Out Into The World.

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