Strong Impact Item, which puts the mains of styling

Preppy and astringence generation through Ametoi. A new item that feels somewhere else has appeared!

A belt that is the first brand from KATSUYUKIKODAMA this season is a release. Bag brand belt? Don't get it.

Actually, the designer's huge ball has always been warmed since several years ago. There was no one that was quite short even if you make a few dummy samples, and it was quite difficult. From the encounter with the Italian RANPORNI studs that are pushing this season, planning progress rapidly and finally brandBelt from ELKTR seriesCompleted.





Somehow nailed to the Lamponi studs that emit strong impact. Basic black is also cool, but exquisite color scheme that wants to work with choice choice. Personally, the orange × Black TOKYO Street Color is a push.

Materials / Leather

When you want to work with basic cowhide and a little spice in the entry model, Pythone (Snake Leather). How crocodiles are available in the exclusive model model.

Materials / Fabric

Long belt that is accented with styling. The choice was selected to put out a long time to use the band of stretch material woven to high density. It can be worn without stress due to light motion and toughness and stretch material. Now this Hanami season is too much to eat too much, it's okay to drink too much


G.I. Buckle

Now Miso of the item here. A buckle that can be used in a so-called gacha buckle sense. It is a nostalgic item for the substretching generation through the preppy and Ametra! It is also a point that feels Katsuyukikodama's DNA even if you have such a high-grade material.CowhideSnake leatherThe model of the buckle is printed up and down.Crocodile modelHow to use SILVER925! ! It is a special item that meets a sense of possession.




It is also wonderful that the sporty mode is also likely put together with a stoic as published in SENSE. It is an item that works for spices in a spring and summer coordination that tends to be munneled. Today is the way to match the wide pants. (After all black x orange is cool)

I finally have expanded to genres other than bags, KATSUYUKIKODAMA, please pay attention to the future! !


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