Passion to "Create" ~ Part 1 / The Passion for Creation-Part1-

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I liked to "crawl" from a child. "Create" but not only creating things, not only creating a composition, making a cartoon, creating a soggy or haiku, and created an effort goal.

The composition was really like, and the composition written in the 5 years of elementary school was selected as the highest award in the composition contest of the local Oita Prefecture and was read on the radio. Excellence award for six years. At the time of junior high school, he became a student representative at the discussion competition for one and two years. When I was three years, I was disgusting to become a good-looking grade representative, and I wrote a speech that was a fool of "my dream is a metal guy!" Nevertheless, it was also selected as a class representative. But the contents were too gag, the teacher was down from the class representative.

I also loved my cartoon and made a comic. The comic I made was turned to everyone and became popular comics. When I made a "Manga Research Association" in the club activities of class at five years in force, Clubs became a popular club that could not enter the classroom.

When I was 6 years, I was a club of old man's sport, and this was also a very popular club member. As there are too many club members, it was not a personal match, but I fought a team battle for a team of red and white, but I fought a year for a year, but the victory defeat has become a development of the last match of the third semester like a manga of winning decision. My white set was a wonderful victory in the final battle, and graduated from the majestic elementary school as the first white team Captain to be commemorated. (← Homma? Lol)

Even when the motto was recruited at the last athletic meet of six years, my motto who wanted to use and created by all means is also a wonderfully selected and the day of the athletic meetIt was a big hanger and was suspended from the roof of the school building. Also, even in the competition of haiku, the haiku who shot was a class representative and flowed in school broadcasting.

In the excursion that climbs to the top of the elementary school (how to read: Ryozen), in the excursion to climbing to the top of the つ は, "The snack is only one and the lunch box is only rice ball, and the tired" is absolutely not saying. " It has been a truly harshly effort goal. This is also a wonderful war victory while hitting the temptation of friends who bought at a luxury lunch box or supermarket made by a mother. The effort goal for me was the overall effort target of elementary school excursions over time.

Yes, I always wanted to give my own character and I was a primary schoolchild of a standing spirit. Surely the girls who have already had a great deal of classes are always tensioned, my character would be quite so good, and I think it's a bit embarrassed and I think it's a bit embarrassed, and I would like to look for my junior elementary school students It must have been annoying (laughs).

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I have always loved to create in everything. I did not only making things, but also writing and, Manga (cartoons), Haiku (Japanese traditional poems), and even targets to reach to do something. I really loved writing. One of my essays won the first prize in Oita prefecture where I grew up and it was read aloud on the radio. I was 11 years old at that time and I got another one next year as well. In middle school, I was a representative for a speech contest for two years in a row and I was tired of being on this position on the final grade in school, so I wrote a stupid paper on purpose. However, I was elected. Eventually my teacher actually removed my name from the position because of the contents of my paper. I loved to draw Manga and I made comic books. Everyone read my books and I actually made a Manga club at school. It became so popular that the class was too small to contain full of students. When I was 12 Years Old I Actually Made Another Club of Gate Ball (Japanese Croquet), Who ich is basically considered for elderly people. This club got also very popular at school so there was a bunch of students. We could not have individual matches for this amount of students, so I decided to create two teams and we did games for a year . At the last match at the final semester, my team finally won the championship. I graduated from the elementary school with a name of the first captain of Gate ball club. It is a like a story of a Manga! For the final sports festival in school, slogan words were collected from students. My word was chosen and hanged from the rooftops of the school building on the festival day. Moreover, my Haiku was elected in a contest and got on air at school. I set my own goal for . a field trip to a mountain climbing It was; ". I'm tired". snack is only a mandarin orange, lunch is only pickles and rice balls, and never say It was obviously an oppressive target for an elementary school kid Conquering the temptation from Other Students Bringing Yummy Lunch and snacks, at last I made it! My own goal actually became a school field trip goal afterwards for years. I always wanted to show myself and wanted to stand out in anything. Maybe for matured girl students, I must have been such a bothering Boy and I feel a bit Embarrassed now. Not only for themarts at School, My Work SHOULD NOT BE CHEERING ...! To Be Continued to Part 2.

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