Co-starring of colorfulness and strength of color


This spring new "Density Mania: Pack Series" second generation hybrid (hereinafter: HBD) model, neon color mesh and Ramponi's studs, and crossbody chest bags, sacoshes, and belts The Elektr series is the main concept of "co-starring color of color".

The collection of KATSUYUKIKODAMA (hereinafter referred to as K / K), which was the black center, has been highlighting the color from the 2016 autumn / winter season. The vertices of the final shape of the color mix of four times the season are the 2018 spring and summer season of this spring. The season concept's "Heavy, Loud, Serious, and The Beauty" refers to the "co-starring color of color" of the "color".

The temperature is also rising around this weekend, and Harunamoto No. Even the shops handled by K / K, the items of color mix can move out of the leading role. The HBD model of the "Density Mania: Pack Series", which was previously released at some stores in December, will be developed at all stores that handle K / K this month and become a driving force of the season. The "Elektr" series has a new crossbody chest bag or belt that has newly added to the K / K lineup! As usual, Paradiddle Lab continues to be hard without gaps.

We highlight the color at four seasons continuously, K / K recognition with black one color mode brand is a little thin and can be riding the current street of the street without power. I also enjoyed the colorfulness of the color while planning, and I'm going to do a variety of color mixing from now on.

A flower of K / K who bloomed as if the cherry blossoms are blooming and bloomingYour nearby shopso! We look forward to seeing you.


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