Cross Body CHEST BAG

Katsuyukikodama If you are all of the fans, you should be worried. This item, like the magazine "SENSE", appearing as a lightning stone at handling stores across the country.

Elektr (Electric) Series.

Vivid neon color mesh is an impact item item. Today is the bestCROSS BODY CHEST BAGClose up on (crossbody chest bag).




A brand that is good at street mode based on black. that? Is this Katsuyuki? There will be many people. You must not be deceived by the catcher look, and you can understand if you get it, you can understand Katsuyukikokodama quality.

Stretchy Dia Skin

The leather part is adopted with leather cashmere and famous Deer leather (deer leather). Furthermore, this is a special processing, and it is a stretch domiskin to stretch. If you tailor to clothes, a luxury leather that will be 200,000. By miniaturization, it is possible to realize high-level materials and ease of use with high-grade materials for a while.

Witch and attract

Is the Neon Mesh in Rogges in Skeske? You can hear the voice. That's right, I can see it. As we are balanced with carefully selected gauges and good color development, it looks like a moro-looking statement. This is also an item that attracts highly designed items such as the Italian studded leather lessons of our brand.



Italian Ranponi's studs that add katsuyukikodama rattles to a lightweight feeling of small + mesh. A solid and vivid color deployment is a point with a solid sense of solid. By adding accents to light items, it is finished into a good sense to a good sense.



And now the largest sales point for the item. It is in styling.Crossbody Chest BagTurn the chest bag of nanamas and ridges. It is ◯ to shorten the strap and bring it around the chest. An item like the bag and accessories as well as accessories. If you say, it is like a removable pocket that is extended by clothes. From this fall winter collection, the Maison brand is also incorporated into the styling, it is a bag that is the most focused. Seasonal Street Corde, sports and modes, of course, covering various styling with abundant color development.


From now on, summer events and leisure are, of course, and lewdly, it is more than the Elektr series, which is fun to take advantage of bright neon colors, taking advantage of the bright neon color.Crossbody Chest BagIt was an introduction. Once you get it, it's a highly addictive item that will be a good time!


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