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After the design is decided, I immediately got the design in the drawings and made it into the production of a blowout dummy. A few types of dummy were made in the PARADDLE LAB at the shore of the Sumida River, brought into the Flagship Store in the front of Jingu, and showed the Sales' s juvenile and stylist. After aggregating each individual opinion and stepping up again, the final size is determined. When the size was determined, the next design was designed.

The interior of the Bag of Katsuyukikodama was really a minimum specification. Even if there are a lot of pockets in various places, it will not be known where you put anywhere, and if it is thought that the size, location of the pocket, the zipper is considered well, it has been considered enough.

However, this tote bag concept is everyday = Daily Youth of Work. Even Daily Youth, even from the sale of Sales, I was told that PC or iPad could not dancive inside, and in the business talk with Mr. Kuriyama of Hankyu Men's buyer, "Personally The tote does not need to have a tricker, but if you are aware of the business, there is a request for the business and both Aori (partition pocket other than the main). There is also a request, and the decorative specification is I thought about it not to be comparable.

Because I wanted to minimize to the limit, I did not want to incorporate both Aori pockets in the exterior part. The heaven zip was also closed and the bag itself did not want to be a plane without movement. The idea that came out, the idea that came out, creating an ao that came out to the interior department and connecting the apex of the aori with the zipper! If this specification is closed the sipper, the bag itself is fixed, and it does not become a flat surface like a coating wall, and a three-dimensionality like KATSUYUKIKODAMA is not broken! Draw a drawing immediately and touch a baton touch. As it is the first specification, the pattern was struggling, but if it corrects a few times, it is almost the interior of the street. It was a super minimal, but it was the moment when the interior is a great and functional tote bag.

Even in the exhibition, this tote bag was really popular, and its degree of attention was not halfway. New Tote Bag "Enigma Variations" is definitely a killer item that rushes into the new area of ​​Katsuyukikodama. I can not wait until autumn!

【ENIGMA VARIATIONS】 COW LEATHER TOTE: ¥ 49,000September 2018 General release scheduled (some store leader is released)

Enigma variations_180316_0004 Enigma variations_180316_0003 Enigma variations_180316_0002

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