New work "eNigma variations" ~


New work "Enigma variations" that the design began with a request from the sales unit.The material was already decided and the image of the tote bag was almost 100% solidified in my head, so it was designed from sketches and the time to create specifications was not so much.

The image is a tote bag of a minimal design that utilizes a solid feeling of material. Design paintings that began to draw based on this concept are completed in no time. It was a speed that misunderstood whether Apple Pencil was Magic.

The material that has already been decided before drawing a design image is a natural shrink of cowhide. Soft leather that made a fine schrank with a natural and dry while turning the vegetable base base. The vegetable base has a unique touch feeling in the finish that has been poured while there is no Koshi. In addition, it has been a good natural glazing because it is slightly impossible by air.

But if it is only the beef leather, it will be a little thin and finish if it is made a bag. With long-time air, leather organizations are broken and they are quite soft leather, so there is no sense of volume unique to KatsuyukikoDama. As it is a vegetable base as a previously mentioned basis, Koshi remains, but this leather alone can not be a bag and can not put in the lineup of Katsuyukikodama.

So, this time hugged the core between the lining and fatten the finish of the bag itself. The wonderful touch feeling of the material is as it is, and it is a well-known method for adjusting the finish with the core. There are many cores, but the core selection is an important job of the designer, and if the core selection is incorrect, how much the pattern is perfect and the original image and design image will be a bag.

The tote bag that has been completed by choice from a total of dozens of the core that would be batched when the Natural Schlink Cowletter is tounted bag, and the completed tote bag was completed in the image street. .

It is a designer's true peak that the bag selected by the material selection and the bag completed by the processing will rise to the original image.

to be continued

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