Episode of DensityMania_Pack- 1


Since his debut since his 2013, I recorded a smash hit in the blink, and now it became Katsuyukikodama icon Pack-1. The appearance that produces creative forms and big detells, lets you feel the cutlet Yukiko Dama Im that is not comparable to anything else. The birth of Pack-1 derived DENSITYMANIA series and later SURGE (Surge series) was born later with Zeitgeist (Wallet series) and in recent years.

Always the nucleus has PACK-1 and is the center of Katsuyukikodama's creation.

Episode of Density Mania_Pack-1



2013 Etaria fashion Week. It was around the time when the trend started to dye on the street. Mode, so-called black fashion half-year-a-year half a year ago. Even with traditional briefs, it is neither an altisan craft item.

The designer's huge ball felt the large-scale wind of the street that can be caught in Italy quickly. Return to Japan from there, and quick create Pack-1.

This is the origin of the "Luxury Street" listed by KATSUYUKIKODAMA. Mix Luxury and Street, which is a conflicting factor, and finish it with exquisite balance.

Even though it is an all-leather backpack, the No. 10 coil fastener and tomacious buckle use. There was a beautiful form that is also the vertical of the designer's bribe. It was just a beauty condensation and became a hit of Katsuyukikodama.



In functional plane, a back PC sleeve, main compartment, and its own three-layer structure of subcomponent was brought out. Bottom boxed but put into a backpack but I was not natural to bring out a PC, it was also highly evaluated that a thin and lightweight mobile PC sleeve has already been completed.

A match with the design and the form without relying on the material or attached. Then clear the complex sewing specifications of more than 60 parts unique to the manufacture brand and pack-1 complete.

It is the origin of the DensityMania series that embodies the luxury street defined by Katsuyuki Kodama.

Creation Journey is what time is this Pack-1.

Episode of Density Mania Pack-1 END.


After its debut in 2013, PACK-1 became a smash hit right away and also became a KATSUYUKIKODAMA's icon item. The particular appearance composed with creative shape and big details gives you a sense of the incomparable KATSUYUKIKODAMA-ism. DENSITYMANIA series was born derived from PACK-1 and later we had a ZEITGEIST for wallet series and also SURGE for surge series, which has got a lot of attention these years m. There is always PACK-1 in the core and as a main item at all time in KATSUYUKIKODAMA's creation . AT 2013 Fashion Week in Milan. IT WAS A Point That Tend WAS CHANGING to "Street". IT WAS Not about Mode with A Whole Black-Color Any More Like A Half Year Ago. IT WAS NOTHER TRADITIAL NOR ARTISAN CRAFT LIKE. Our designer, Kodama, had a strong feeling in Italy that this upcoming great sensation of street trend was going to come. As soon as he went back to Japan he started to make this PACK-1. This was a starting point of KATSUYUKIKODAMA's "Luxury Casual ". AT First Glance These two words look opposite, but he mixed them and finished up with a great balance. Our backpack is made with all leather but with No.10 zipper and too-much-used buckles. It was mixed with Kodama's beautiful shape design and it became a KATSUYUKIKODAMA's core factor. About its function, the backpack has original three constructions, which are a back-side PC sleeve, a main compartment, and a sub compartment. It was not unnoticeable but at that time it was not common to have a space for PC in a bag. Despite of that we embraced this thin and light compartment and we got a high evaluation. Not relying on material and accessories, our strength is the original figure. We cleared the complex sewing process with over 60 parts and finally our PACK1 WAS Born. Because IT IS None But A Manufacture Brand. IT is the Origin of DensityMania Series to Identify "Luxury Street" WHICH KATSUYUKIKODAMA DEFINES. The Creation Journey is Always with Pack-1.

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