New work "eNigma variations" ~ Part 1


The new Tote Bag "Enigma Variations", which was put out at the Autumn 2018 exhibition last month, is an item that makes it fits intensely into the new area of ​​Katsuyukikodama.

What I designed this is back from Paris this January. Flagship Store was talking about the product for Sales and Takuya of the stylist and the future of the autumn. Spring new work has been prepared, two people who wanted to feel the next season, two people who wanted to feel the next season at the season's end of the early May after the pop-up tour of Tomei Osaka finished. Moreover, the item you want is a tote bag. Since Katsuyukikodama has never had a full-fledged tote bag so far, it was often said that the tote bag wanted at the store.

Actually I was asked to create a tote bag over several times from the selling of Sales. 2016 Spring Summer SeasonAbstractionI made a tote bag in the series, but because I have 25 cm, I was designed with styling, it's a great cool and stylish, but it was a bit difficult item in Daily Youth, such as work.

The tote bag, who wants Sales, is not stylish, not stylish, but a day-minded tote bag. Usually, the time to spend the most time of one week. Work = The tote bag that is conscious of everyday life is most needed for merchandising of KATSUYUKIKODAMA now.

Daily life, Daily Youth's Tote Bag did not need to be originally at the beginning of the brand debut. Merchandising to determine the brand icon rather than that,DENSITY MANIA"Pack series" and "Abstraction"series,"SyncopationItems that will be the root of the current Katsuyukikodama, such as series, were released in a row.

Isetan Mens and B'-2nd stores, Hankyu Mens Tokyo, Osaka, in addition to the shops and shops, the items needed to have more users who opened the brand to more users who have opened the flagship store · It is a bag! The design finally started.

to be continued

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