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The layout of the office part of the PARADIDDLE LAB of the Sorida River, the PARADIDDLE LAB of Yanagi Bridge was changed. So far, I was the same place as Sales and Back Office Staff, but the office of Sales Unit has returned to the flagship store in front of Jingu, so the office has become slightly teeth I decided to change the layout.

And my workspace decided to put in the private room used as a meeting room. The private room also has a space for Sako Saku of Paradiddle Lab, and became a central room that produces Katsuyukikodama's design and pattern. There is also my workspace in the counter of the flagship store in front of Jingu, but there is a place to meet various sales related meetings, which is surrounded by products, it is comfortable. The role of workspace is different in the platform for the Paradiddle Lab of Yanagi Bridge and the flagship store in front of Jingu, and the movement of the place for each meeting and business talk will be motion in a good sense for me.

On Saturdays of this weekend, the layout change started from the morning takes time to be near the evening, but it was almost disenged and arranged with a bass bachelor, such as documents and files that you do not see. It was a long time with a new workspace that became a beautiful workspace, and I had a lot of time. It is probably since October last year. There were a lot of months and there was a lot of fun and I was not able to spend my feelings.

The coffee maker with mills that did not use this place also washed beautifully and re-set, and I am really looking forward to work from tomorrow in new workspaces.

Well, let's go out to buy coffee beans drinking in a new environment from tomorrow.

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