Designer's "ONE OF A KIND" planning for the production of limited items that spots on my own roots.

My head was covered in my head to drop my roots into the bag of Katsuyukokodama, MOTLY CRUE's "SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (1983)" and "Theater of Pain (1985), and RATT OUT OF THE CELLAR (1984) and "Invasion of Your Privacy (1985) members were shocking.

Motley Crue Visual Neil and Nicky Six, Tommy Lee, Stevin Percy, Rattbin, Robin, Robin, Corps Bee, solidify your hair with a spray, and your face breaks the tank top of the mesh, the mesh tank top Wearing Pitapita's spats, sex appealed and fascinated young girls with colorful munmun.

Late 70'sA UK Movement represented by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, which has been rising from Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, is a hard-sided man with leather skinny and studs belt, and double riders with horseship I was unwritten by the open, glamorous, and I was a windy musician, and I was a longing. Besides, we gather at the LA of the west coast and repeat the party every day while playing live circuits, and play with the louder to the drag.

Demonstrate full talents, and announce famous songs and name albums one after another, live venue scales from small clubs to Hall classes Sales and live interest in revenue. Such a longing for Lockon Roll Life was deeply carved daily every day in my youth heart. Metal bastard, who enjoys people who want to do, and pleasure the people, and enjoy life, it is just my roots.

It did not take time to drop it to Pack1. Fully leather expressed the toughness of metal, using the ITALE RAMPON's studs, and the Cocoon (cocoon) part, which is the face of Pack1, was covered with a Mesh that was used in La metal. But there is not enough. I want a more painful impact. It took time from there.

Can you express the miscellaneous fancy outer wall of the Sunset Strip's Club "Whisky A Go-Go" and the vulgarity of the Billboard of the live announcement on the terrace of the adjacent bars & grills "Rainbow"? I was thinking so much. Plus Pack1 for "ONE OF A Kind" planning is completed.

At that time, it was MAXSIX designer Mikio that appeared before me. Mikio is a brand that has been branded straight to the field with a handwritten graphics and fonts.One MadeLaunched last year. Mikio and Katsuyukikodama are in progress now, and in part, we asked Pack1 of the "ONE OF A Kind" planning for this time.

I also love Mikio's picture but also fonts, so I had a conceptual message that lives in our now, and I had a handwritten part of Pack1's cocoon. Furthermore, two points of the model of the heart of the heart and the devil feathers and the devil feathers and the heart pendant and the motif of Inazuma are completed. The Pack1 was decorated and the paint that was reminiscent of the club's wolf that was just the 80's Glamorous Party Rock, Hair Metal itself, and their first successful places.

Completed Katsuyukikodama's "One of A Kind". Finally, tomorrow March 7 (Wed)It is released at Isetan Mens B1F.

[Detailed image]

Isetan Mens Limited "ONE OF A Kind" PACK1 120,000 yen (excluding tax)

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