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During the first summer of last year, there was a story of the event "one of a Kino" of the spring of the spring of Isetan men's bag buyer in the showroom "noseason" of Paris. When I was tuned to the concept, I wanted to participate in the story.

The main concept of the festival is "one of a Kino" in Tokyo men's FES 2017 @ isentan last year It was an event that looked for the only thing that I was interested in in order to enjoy one's time. It is a very "Festival" for the adult man who can enjoy seeing the shop and the brand that usually doesn't appear in the men's house, selling free Marquette, the shop of the shoe polishing workshop, and the charm that the popular designer listens from the point one point of the buyer of the amateur. It is said that the sequel will be held this spring in the spring. Moreover, in the sequel "one of a Kino", I wanted to ask the designer's own roots to request the production of limited items.

I thought that it was an interesting plan that I did not have matching such that the goods which put the spot to the roots of the clothes of the clothes, the shoes, and the bag were lined up in one place, and agreed with the answer repeatedly.

My roots are 80's, of course. Culture is metal. Although many times I write here, metal movement in LA, represented by Moody cry and Ratt, has a considerable impact on me.

How do you become the metal movement of the roots of such me? A 12 hour flight from Paris spent an image of the bag.

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