Episode of DensityMania_Pack-2

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In Japan, it was called Rucks a few years ago, and only the outdoors and looks, which emphasized functionality using a strong nylon in the city. As of 2018, he was dancing to the first line of the fashion market as [backpack]. Now businessmen tailored to suit. The tip of the trend is also fashionista. It is the time when everyone incorporates the backpack as part of styling. And now I climbed the Standard Item from the trend. KatsuyukikoDamaPACK-2What is the way of the backpack seen from the glimpse.

Episode of DensityMania_Pack-2.



Categorize the I generation IPACK-2Is also an icon of the brandPack-1A hand to decide the development of the DENSITYMANIA series that will be the next release of the DENSITYMANIA series. The planning progressed in the highly expensive high pressure.

Draw a beautiful archPack-1And the expression of the contrasting beauty. that isPACK-2It is the root of the creation of Straight line construction design. I was asked for a design that stands for strength. In order to make a straight line, the bottom was woven the curve and out of the volume. Thus, a box silhouette with a strong weaknessPACK-2The prototype of

A Backpack's exterior of a backpack called through Machi, and the box silhouette is a hard look, but still harmonizes with the curve beauty of the bottom and is only in KatsuyukikoDama. Tight-dense Nylon Tape & Original Metal Buckle with high-density Nylon Tape & Original Metal Buckle was born that is appropriate for DensityMania's name.

The strength of the solid form and detail was the street of the street and became a face of the cutlet Yuki Kodama. Of course, a good man's good man, and if a delicate woman has, the contrast with a solid backpack stands out to stand out, and it is one of the items that boasts a popularity popular item. This is the first hand that leads to the development of gender-free items later as a brandPACK-2Indispensable points as product history. Leave a keyword called Manish to the brandPACK-2Subsized subsequent modelsPACK-5It became the prototype of, and since 2018, its intention is passed down.

Episode of Density Mania End.


In Japan backpack was generally called "Rucksack" until some years ago. It was made with sturdy nylon just focused on function. In town we saw only outdoor looks for this kind of bag in the past. Now in 2018, the name to be called turned "Backpack" and has shown in fashion market. There are even a lot of business persons bring a backpack with their suit, and lots of fashionistas pay attention to it as well! Anybody can have backpacks to match the style now. And it is a standard item, not just a trend anymore. So what do we see what a backpacks mean from KATSUYUKIKODAMA's PACK-2? PACK-2, categorized as a first generation, was released after PACK-1 and is definitely a decisive factor to spread DENSITYMANIA . The project was proceeded under pressure with high expectations. PACK-1 has a beautiful arch shape, and PACK -2 had to have a different beauty, which needed to be straight lines. We perused stronger design. In order to make the straight line Stand Out, We Put More Volume O n the bottom with some wave designs. In this way, the original model of PACK-2 was unveiled with its own box silhouette. The gusset of the backpack encircles the outline and its box silhouette looks very hard. This appearance gets on well with the wavy lines and creates KATSUYUKIKODAMA's one and only mood. To wrap up, we applied high-density nylon tape and our original metal buckles, and finally DENSITYMANIA's masterpiece was born. The solid shape and the details in its strength ruled the street fashion right away. Then it turned out to be a big icon item of KATSUYUKIKODAMA. It was very good for not only male customers but also female customers because their slim body figure matches the solid shape of the backpack very much. It was actually one of the most popular items AMONG FEMALES. You cannot Miss This Point in Pack-2 Production and Its History Because IT WAS A Key Point To Expand to Gender Free Items. Pack-2 Which Gave US A Keyword of "Mannish" WAS A Prototype of Pack-5 WH ICH WAS SIZED DOWN AFTERWARDS. This Strong Expression Has Been Taken Over Still Now In 2018.

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