Limited items for picking roots

The promotional event of "A Decoration with AND THE BEAUTY-BE YOURSELF, JUST for YOU", which is being held last week and Isetan Mens, plus a promotional event, and a second weekend.

This weekend is a must-see for customization, as PARADDLE LAB's head of Sayo and Takuya of the head office manager will perform a Demonstration of Ramponi-made studs, and those who are interested in customization and those who love them are a must-see event!

Following this customization event, the product of the designer's my roots and products that will be the only product that will be our roots of designers will be limited. At the event that was marked with "ONE OF A Kind", not only the bag but also items that are packed with shoes and apparel designers will be limited to the limited launch. This is also a great event with a great content! For the weekIsetan Men's NetBecause it will be released in information, it is fun!

What is the product that thoroughly engraved the feelings and thought that it will be my roots? I hope you The commentary is Ozke until the product will be held next week, but for the time being this time the image Chira!


While the roots should be chopped, it is an item where customizations are full and incorporated. As it is finished with the appearance that the breath is really breathed, it is expected to be able to see! !

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