A new lineup surrounding the fifth year monster


Last week and this week, the exhibition of the domestic brand A / W2018 is a wolf.

Katsuyukikodama is also a new work of A / W2018 returned from Paris, and an additional new exhibition will be held at the flagship store from 21 (Wed). Items expanded from the beginning of this year and the ordering party of items to be introduced in the end of the season in the season. The new sample production is just Yama-san, and Sayo of Lab length is not resting (sweat) this weekend with the pattern with the pattern, cutting, and sewing. This time there may be a long time since the day before the exhibition.

This A / W2018 exhibition is a very important position for us.

Even though S / S2018's season-in-ended January-end, sales trends are very good, and last year's ratio of each store to dispatch staff is kept around 110%. Season Infrastructure Factors Early Sales SalesIt was about selling and selling prior input and test marketing at major stores in December before the season in. Therefore, S / S2018 has become a slippery of S / S2018 with high accuracy, based on the results of the outcome of demand, and produced with high accuracy.

The domestic exhibition in February is the largest and important purpose to combine promotions and pop-up schedules for the leading release of the new main store, and the schedule of the pop-up in full-scale season in.

For me, for me, I would like to expand the ideas hot and feared in Paris at the start of the next season, and I feel very strong that I would like to test market at the previous season's trail. We want to make full use of the merits produced at our own factory to act forward and act, and act as reality that we will form trends. So, even if it is impossible, I have made a new work and hold an additional exhibition while I'm going back from Paris.

S / S (Spring-Summer) season Inn is August, A / W (autumn / winter) is August, but 2 and 8 (Pachi) is said to the moon and old times in this fashion industry It has come. The development of a new work starts, but even if the protagonist of spring and summer is arranged in February, the climate is still low and the winter is far. Even in August, no one touches wool, knitwear and hair foot at the store. So, before the previous legal period is a new test marketing and exploring consumption trends, our style is the right way to challenge two and eight of the seasons in the seasons, so the right path is the right path, and it's not a factory · It can not cope with the response.

This February, the Backpack Series Density Mania: Pack Series, which has passed through supertrends, is moving more than ever at the store. The first generation Pack1, Pack2, Pack4 has breathed back again, and the second generation Pack1-M, Pack5, Pack6 feels fat majors, already in veteran style. The Density Mania: Pack series released in 2014 and entered the Density Mania: Pack series is exactly the name of the monster.

A new lineup enclosed in the monsterSTRYCHNOS ELEKTR (Striknos Electric)And "Enigma variations" and "enigma machine" announced at the February exhibition of this week will further polish to the light lines of Katsuyukikodama. Please stay tuned.

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