Entertainment of KATSUYUKIKODAMA in this spring / KATSUYUKIKODAMA'S ENTERTAINMENT in this Spring


Finally, customization events "A Decoration and the Beauty-BE Your Self, Just For You" started today (2/15) from Hankyu Mens Tokyo.

Italian Studs Brands Brand Planning with Ramponi, a large dag. A special event that allows you to choose 24 types of studs manufactured by Ramporni in the popular standard model and new work of Katsuyukikodama. After this, Iesang Mens-Hankyu Men's Osaka ~ Daimaru Shinsaibashi will follow the final land flagship store will be a permanent development.

In promotion in Isetan mens, we bring original fixtures and divide Paradiddle Lab, Sales, Sales, Takuya of the flagship store, also participating in the fierce battle to revet the studs. A valuable opportunity to see the work scene where you will drive studs instead of normal sewing! It is an event that is quite aware of.

Seasoned 2018 spring and summer, Katsuyukikodama's new work was slipped with strong. IEailan Mens and Hankyu Men's Osaka, Tokyo, B'2nd each store in DecemberDENSITY MANIA: Pack series "HBD model"Is a trend's full sports mix, Neoprene and Swedo leather, smooth leather, and patent hybrid now! It has been a smash hit as an item.

Furthermore, the development started at each store this weekStrychnos Elektr (Striknos Electric)". The new work given the name of the flower confined in the amber in 45 million years ago has the beauty that has been ready for silence and power strength, and is a new "appearance" item. This new work will eventually become an item that is essential to this spring coordination!

A small-opened store deployment that interwovens new standards and new parts of trends is not Katsuyukikodama with its own factory called Paradiddle Lab. It is exciting and is overwhelmed and overwhelmed and there is an item that will definitely want to have. Please feel such entertainment at each location of Katsuyukikodama. This spring pop-up event schedule, check! !

2/15 (Thu) -23 (Fri): Hankyu Men's Tokyo 1F

2/21 (Wed) to 3/6 (Tue): Isetan Mens B1F

3/15 (Thu) to 3/20 (Tuesday): Hankyu Mens Osaka 1F

3/21 (Wed) -27 (Tuesday): JR Kyoto Isetan 6F

4/11 (Wed) -17 (Tuesday): Daimaru Shinsaibashi 1F

4/11 (Wed) to 4/24 (Tuesday): JR Nagoya Takashimaya 7F

5/8 (Tuesday) -21 (Mon): Nagoya Rasic 1F

KATSUYUKIKODAMA FLAGSHIP STORE: Tokyo Metropolitan Shibuya-ku Jingu 3-7-12

Tel: 03-6434-9666

A Customize Event, A Decoration and the Beauty-BE YOUR SELF, JUST for You Has Finally Started in Hankyu Men's Tokyo Department Store From Today, February 15th. At this event we have collaboration with an Italian well-known stud brand, RAMPONI. You can customize KATSUYUKIKODAMA's popular models and new collections with their 24 kinds of studs. After that, it continues to Isetan Men's departed store, Hankyu Men's Osaka department store , Daimaru Shinsaibashi department store, and to the final destination, the flagship store, where the goods will be installed permanently. At the promotion of Isetan Men's department store, Sako who leads PARADIDDLE LAB with our original articles of furniture, Chika from sales, and Takuya from the flagship store join together and have a performance of fastening the studs with rivets. It is absolutely a special occasion to see their real works, not like to see ordinal operations. KATSUYUKIKODAMA's new collections and SPRING & SUMMER 2018 have started very well. DENSITY MANIA , HMD Model from Pack Series, Which Has Been Pre-Released at Isetan Men's Store and Hankyu Men's Ossaka and Tokyo, and B'2nd stores became a very good hit with current trend of sport-mix. Neoprene and suede leather, smooth leather, and patent hybrid are now real smash hits. Moreover, this week we have started "STRYCHNOS ELEKTR". The collection whose name contains a flower , which has been in amber for 45 million years, has a beauty of both silence and dynamism. This is completely new item with beautiful atmosphere. This is definitely a must-have item for this spring style for sure! I'm sure that mixture of standard type, standard with different materials, and up-to-date new collections can not be born without KATSUYUKIKODAMA, which has its own factory, PARADIDDLE LAB. That makes you amazed and you can find items you want at all times. Please feel this Entertainment of Katsuyukikodama at A Place You Would Go. Don't Miss The Pop-Up Events in this Spring! February 15th- 23rd: ISetan Men's Tokyo 1F February 21ST-MARCH 6Th: Isetan Men's B1F March 15th- 20th : Hankyu Men's OSAKA 1F March 21ST- 27th: JR Kyoto ISetan 6F April 11th- 17th : DAIMARU SHINSAIBASHI 1F APRL11th- 24Th: JR Nagoya Takashimaya 7F May 8th- 21ST : 3-7-12 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-Ward, TOKYO TEL: 03-6434-9666

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