Killer item birth premonition / A Hunch About Killer Items


Sample production for the domestic exhibition of Autumn & Winter2018 from 2/21 is starting one after another. Sample production goes in the tight schedule every time, but it is a continuous feeling of pleasure as it is usual that the item you see for the first time gradually has been completed.

The procedure of our sample production proceeds as follows.

Dessan image

→ From drawings to design

→ Drop the design image into the drawing

→ Create specification

→ Type Dumming Dummy Production

→ Interior specification decision

→ Material ordering

→ 1st sample cutting

→ Sewing

Now, at the stage of determining the interior specification, the material begins as soon as the material arrives. My work, my work, is the end of my work at this point, but in the sample production stage, I will solve various problems, such as texture, core use, silhouette change, orbit correction, so eyes A time that can not be released continues.

The items of items designed in Paris and the item designed in Paris are in progress, but the sample of immediate designed items is in progress, but both designs were full new models and the pattern takes time. This time to pull the pattern this time. I often make calls to Sago while going out, and "I want that part of that part," I will contact you every time I think about it. Sasendo who receives demands is also difficult, Sasaors are thinking about the location of the bag in Sasa, so I'm thinking of a lot of thinking, so it's a selfish interpretation It does not seem to be

That's why the gradual gradually progressing sample production takes time to cut, but when sewing starts, it has been advanced at a stretch towards the completion like a lie when sewing starts. Sewing starts from around the weekend, and the weekend will be a great weekend.

The whole picture of the newests of Autumn & Winter 2018's theme "The Decorations and the Beauty" can not see anyone yet, but it feels like a killer item is being born, and it feels like a hit at the stage of the mold dummy . I can not sleep at night when I think about new things that appear in front of us in this week.

We have started various sample productions for AUTUMN & WINTER2018 exhibition starting from February 21st. Despite of the ordinal tight schedule of the production, it's always exciting to see each new samples coming up in front of me. Our sample production procedures are like this. Rough sketch Design drawing Drawing a plan Specification document Molding dummy sample production Interior spec determination Material order 1st cutting 1st sewing At this point we are on the stage to determine the interior specs. Once materials arrive, sample cutting will start. Actually my work is completed here because I am a designer. However, we deal with a number of modifications such as silhouette change and so on. We solve the problems on site so I actually can not leave there. Now we have two samples in progress. The one is what I designed in Paris and the Other Is What i Designed in Tokyo Right After I Came Back. Both of Them ARE TOTALLY NEW VERSION, SO IT TOOK TIME TO MAKE THE PATTERNS. THE PERSON who makes the pattern is Sako as usual. I often give him a call once something comes up in my head when I'm outside. I think it is really hard for him to receive my requests such as "I want to change that point and these details ... etc. "Sako is also thinking about sample production all the time, so I believe that it is acceptable for him as well. This sample production usually takes time at a snail's pact until cutting proses. However, once we start cutting, the pace accelerates instantly to the goal. From this weekend cutting process will start and until the beginning of the week will be the most important period. We have never seen the base of full view of the theme of AUTUMN & WINTER 2018, "The DECORATIONS and The Beauty ", But We All Feel That Killer Items ARE Going To Be Born. We Cannot Sleep Thinking About The New Collections Coming Up in Front of us in a Week.

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