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While the sample up progresses every moment, the sample up progresses, today also introduces the details of the event with the Study Brand Ramporni (Ramponi), which also uses Big Maison.


Big Maison-based studded brand of the founding year. The greatest feature of delicate and bold lineups that are not seen in existing studs, called Ramponi Cut. This type is made of resin, and it looks very lightweight and is very lightweight.

The delicate design and its own three-dimensional feeling are characterized, so high technologies are required to hit the studs.Introduced in the blog of the designerAs there was, the Paraddidle Lab of the Sumida River was conducted daily. Accurate compared to exquisite force. It is likely that Jewelry craftsman climbs diamond. Thus, I came to hit the item of the special training, Lamponi's studded to Katsuyukikodama. It is too high if you have a high degree of high technology and the domestic factory as well as you know, and if you have processing it to Italy each time it is too high. According to these things, the domestic fashion brand is rare cases that use Ramponi studs. I have never seen at least.

a Decoration with Art and the Beauty Event Contents

A special now that Katsuyukikodama's individuality is full of individuality-filled items and studs selected by KatsuyukikoDama from a number of Ramponi studs.

The event venue will support the KK team and the sales team's Threek as a concierge in the event venue so that there are too many options to be troubled. Please consult with the proposal of KATSUYUKIKODAMA ratios, of course, until the proposal of KATSUYUKODAMA ratios.

Let's get only one item in the world at this special event! !



BE Yourself Just for You.


a Decoration with art and the Beauty Holding Guidelines

Hankyu Men's Tokyo 1F / February 1 5th (Thu) to February 2nd (Thursday).

Isetan Shinjuku Men's Men's Men Subway 1F / February 2 1st (Wed) from March 6 (Tuesday).

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