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It will return from Paris, and take up to the new model of the February (AUTUMN 2018). After all the plans that did not advance from the second half last year, I feel that the gods of the creation are susceptible to Paris, who is super accelerating the Paris business trip to the completion. I have to thank God for God.

In Paris, I was worried that heavy snow news and transportation was worrying in the web's news, but I was really surprised to return to Tokyo. The snowflaked snowflake spurs the cold, and the current Tokyo is not good for me who is not good at cold. Moreover, this year is a fear just by thinking about the snow snow and snow snow and snow snow.

Creations have been conducted one step step in the air that has been tightened with such pins. Adding new items of autumn and added items during the fiscal year during the meeting are decided by the meeting of Sales and the additional items during the period progressed during the blink. It has come to overlook the seasons of the season and the MD configuration of the early autumn. Really a few days in the past few days have never had no dinner at night.

As usual, the combination with a buddy Sako is outstanding, and it always feels, but the new blow is breathing. Competition of superist design and waste pattern to be made by professional. Since the people who are doing are also coincident with the sensibility, they can not be helped because they can be made without stress.

If you go to the Lab of the direct operating plant, the design and the pattern and sample production will really progress. Merchandising is advanced and strongly. Not only new work, but also the mass production of the currently in progress spring can be confirmed in the middle, and it can be solved in the fly even if there is a problem. After all, there is a production site that can be controlled, and it was really important in branding and recognizing.

By the way, the new domestic exhibition returned from such new works and Paris is from February 21. It will be sent to INVITATION next week!

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