Black shock


18aW changes to the street scene.

Com-de Galson, Youda Mamoto wound up [Black Impact] and about 35 years from around 35 years, and the brand that is mainly blacker in Japan. Blacklox, which summarized in Tight & Hard, was a big deal like a typhoon. Sometimes I have flowed some fast trends flowing to the top while in 2018, but some flowed, but there were a lot of brands that have established a style, establishing a style in the times? ? Luxury brand, Maison brand, Maison brand, main motif, main motif, and extrud the logo to the front, and use a catcher color. Now that I have done a so-called street detail now, what is the next keyword? ?

. The street returns the origin black. Excessive decoration disappears and is not a mode or luxury one-sided, an although the strait attracts crossover.

. Suddenly what is the story of the season one after another.

Today, I will answer the way to the front, and I would like to introduce the recommendation item I want to recommend it.

Syncopation / Bonsac




It is an unusual Bonzack in Katsuyukikodama. Body using oil curv leather increases glossiness and further fits the softness to the body. Curf Leather is a finest material in cowhide with a sirky touch and a remarkable and outstandingness in a calf, with a sirky touch and an outstandingness. Since it is a delicate and fine-grained leather, it is a leather that is often used for clothes such as leather jacket, but it was boldly and bonzacked in this brand.

Categorize a so-called bodybag and shoulder bag This work has a sense of good fit without losing to a leather jacket. It is a masterpiece that tailored with the feeling of adhesion to the body compared to the backpack and the tote bag.The extension of the wear wearing ware more than the bag.

Leave [Leather bag feeling] in a good senseSyncopation / BonsacThere is a unique although the unique artisan atmosphere. An item that is easy to get in touch with any styling without feeling.

That isSyncopation / BonsacWhile stabbing on the next trend, it is also an active part as a daily item that wants to use lightly from the spring.

This work is now a recommended recommendation item now that this work is now because this work is now on not only the trend of the trend but also the realistic street style.Syncopation / BonsacIt was an introduction.




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