Episode of Density Mania_Pack-3


Katsuyukikodama products are produced at its own factory called Paraddidle Lab. While the total of 97% of the entire fashion market is overseas, it is a rare example that owns its own factory as a brand. There is a reason to have its own factory. Sewing of Katsuyukikodama is produced by making full more complex sewing techniques. From the characteristics of the product, it is impossible to produce at other companies' factories. Generally, sewing factory technology is unified to a factory. In fact, it is virtually impossible to produce Katsuyukikodama products that require multiple sewing technologies. Even if it is possible, it takes a lot of cost and commercialization is difficult. An overwhelming differentiation element with other brands that this plurality of sewing techniques is mixed with one product could not be realized without its own factory. Visitially speaking, it is good to say that its own factory allows differentiation from other brands.

Episode of Density Mania_Pack-3

Pack-3 coexisting strong straight cutting and fresh curves. While putting a sense of volume on the bottom, the front is flat, and the side is a high-density tape with high-density tape.



Actually, Pack-3 with a bottom line that is a Pack-4 originally released. At that time, in the DensityMania series of Katsuyukikoda, a fastener that draws a beautiful curve for the first time it was the first time, the use of the fastener was in this model. No. 10 coil fasteners (resin thick fasteners) used in the way they dare dare to the backpack of leather are increasing the impact and amplifying the three-dimensional sense. The Episode of DensityMania Pack-4 described above specifically specialized to minimalizes by making use of this powerful detail. On the other hand, Pack-3 is a hybrid item that has a powerful straight cutting design and a newly generated curve line that parks on Pack-2, which is one of Katsuyukikoda Icon Items.

[Suk] and [Koji] and [Strong] and [Curve] and [Curve] will be incorporated into an exquisite balance sense and sublime as a new item. Backpack interwoven different elements for a certain degree of size that has a certain degree of size, and reproduces another elimination after a fine correction.

The best search for that purpose is a long time and more than anything passion, and the amount of heat to the item is essential.

After creating a smash hit item called Pack-1 and Pack-2, it will produce Pack-3 with a smash hit item called Pack-1, but the total number of parts exceeds 60 parts, sewing and finishing Among the existing items, the number of top class work steps. A factory director that realizes higher accuracy due to higher accuracy compared to accuracy.

As mentioned at the beginning of the sentence, it is possible that the general sewing factory is a general sewing factory that is easy to use, so that it is easy to do so as to be easy to sew and sew it at a general sewing plant. Good. It is unbelievable to view from the user, but this is a reality of the world of manufacturing that it tends to occur frequently. That is, it is a disappointing thing, but the name of Made in Japan is real.

The creation of Sako of such a designer and Sako of the factory director is a genuine Made In Japan. It is pack-3 that Katsyukikodama will feel the meaning of the production factory integrated manifacture brand again.



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