Soul of Lambs Gathers in Male / The Spirits Gathered in Le Marais


If you are in Paris, you will also have a different stimulus from life in Tokyo, so the design of the design is likely to float.

Surrounded by French conversations, walking in the cityscape that can be felt history without denomination, and if it is faced daily in the daily figure of parisgen and Paris Genne, it is natural to receive a strong cats and bad stimulus.

So the design is the best when the stimulus is still hot and returned from Paris. This season concept model "Strychnos Elektr" new work 3 types also started designing from Fashion Week last June and started design immediately.

However, this time, there was no new design in the midst of Fashion Week, without going back home. There was something I wanted to do from a little while ago, and the sketch of that type was a little bit written, but I didn't have a pin and pin. So I decided to leave it a little, but when I came to Paris, mysterious and pen went up and the design image of the type was completed at once.

The progress of new projects was good that Sales' s juvenile and Lab's head of Lab knew. I took Tokyo to communicate to Mt. Wakaya slowly in Paris. It was interrupted once that I made it to Samurai, which was still a pin without coming and I did not come. This planning, it must be a storehouse.

Previously, the new sample group was finally built by the exhibition, the display and price determination of the exhibition and the price determination were also completed in LINE SHEET, and it was decided to make it bots and lowered from the exhibition hall . The world is not sweet enough to buy items that I do not come with items that I do not come with their own pins and the new customers. I think that the designer itself that creates a new one is not coming from the stage of sketch & planning, and I think that it is not a product that is not such a product.

What is the project that has been progressing in Paris and what is it completed?

Fashion Week is attracting to Paris from around the world, and this is only new creation, new things, and environments surrounded by new tidal flows. A truly number of creations = The soul of the whole body concentrates on this place at this time, and it becomes "Impeak" and winding a whirlpool. Perhaps it is the most suitable place and the best time to focus on design while being stimulated.

There are many galleries around the showroom NOSEASON and a lot of fashion people are walking. The brand that I really imagine is gathered in the Male area and I will emit my own creation to the world at the same time. If you shoot with a thermography camera now, it must be indicated at the largest red and darker than anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the IPAD Pro and Apple Pencil, you can sketch more and more times when you flash, one of the new design completed leaders. I used to write this blog before, but it was really convenient and essential for design activities.

Well, if I return to Japan, I will immediately drop the finished design into the drawing and take out the mold out. I can not really enjoy it from now on.

It’ s easier to pop up design ideas in my head in Paris because I get stimulated more in different ways compared to my Tokyo life. Surrounded by French language, walking in the historical city, watching elegant Parisian and Parisienne every day, I cannot help receiving such an intensive stimulation without thinking. So it is the best way to start the design part with fresh ideas right after getting back to Tokyo. The third type of “STRYCHNOS ELEKTR” is also the one I had started working as soon as I got back from fashion week in June. However, while it was still in the middle of the fashion week, I came up with new ideas this time. I had had some good ideas in my head and accumulated my sketches but none of them really grabbed my heart. Strangely, after getting to Paris, I made it to the design I had wanted easily. Sako, the factory manager, and also Chika from sales, already knew that the new collection was not going well. I told Chika that I would consider it in Paris and left Tokyo. Sako actually finished the pattern samples before I reached a right idea, and he actually suspended the procedure. He must have thought this project would be stopped. We had one experience before. We eventually decided to reject a project and to withdraw the samples from the exhibition site although we had posted on LINE SHEET, set the price, and made display. It is not that easy that the goods, which designers themselves don’t like, can be sold well in the market. I believe that any products have to be loved by the designers themselves and sold with confidence. And it should not exist in the market. Why was the project that was not going well completed in a blink in Paris? Fashion week is a rare occasion that a lot of fashionista come, this number of creations, craftsmanships, and stream are gathered in one time. A huge number of creations=everyone’s strong spirits are in the same spot and this environment is the best condition I can get to focus on the design. Around the showroom “No Season” there are many galleries and people in fashion industry are walking around. Un expectable numbers of brands are here in Le Marais and they all are sending their won creations to the world. If we shoot with a thermography camera from the sky, Le Marais in Paris would be the brightest red in the world. Thanks to iPad Pro and Apple pencil, I can store my ideas immediately and anywhere. I think it is a big point for my design creation. As I have written here before, these tools are must-bring items in my work life.

Now I’m so ready to make pattern samples of the design just completed when I go back in Japan. I cannot wait for it.

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