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This year's Paris Fashion Week has many rainfall. Because I hate snow, it is still better to rain, but if the temperature goes down, it is careful because the rain changes to snow.

Speaking of which, January 2013 Fashion Week was cold and snowing. It is difficult to walk when it is snowing and the snow starts the next day, so the cold is further increased. I pray every day because it is not good at it because it is old and cold. Each year this time does not snow.

Speaking of which, the last June Paris was really hot. There are more than 35 degrees, and originally no air conditioning parari apartment and showroom are heated and mummun. Of course during the daytime, I did not fall at night when I go to bed at night, and I was painful to break my head and became a step-by-step him.

As well as customers visiting the showroom, the upper clothes are sweaty and sweat. I met on the director of a department store that has been indebted from the old days, but I met on the road of the north male, but when I asked "Europe in the sea in Europe?" Let's do stupid! "I returned. Anything from Florence, Milan, Paris and 3-week business trip continued to be a kankan shot, and it seems to have been shut down black. It was hot that the European summer of Europe was hot enough to burn even if I did not play.

Since last summer was such an abnormal weather, I was prepared for the first time in winter of Paris for the first time in five years, but if I get off at Charles de Gaulle Airport Nama warm. Why have you got a thickness? ? Somewhat beaten. But it is better than snow.

A few days have passed by a few days in Paris, and the setting and presentation in the showroom is also ended. The Maison brand runway also started and AUTUMN 2018 Fashion Week has opened. Japan's brands were also in paris, and my dinner's appointment was completely filled. Dinner is a place of important information exchange.

Buyers will come in Paris after buying it with Milan, and start talking from the Italian situation. As the designer comes directly with Paris, it will be a new work and the market status of Japan and the world. When I am in Tokyo, I can see soon, so I can not set it as soon as I say "Let's do a mess!" Cheap.

Male's Stalker "Robert Et Louise" and Gale de Rion's Sardinia Cuisine "Sardegna A Tavola" continues to go through every time, and the shopkeeper is learned to the shopkeeper. North Male's "LE404" is Moroccan cuisine often going 16 years ago, and recently, the Lipavric San Martan Canal's Indo Bal "Marcel" will also be regular. If you think it's delicious, the habit that continues to go thoroughly is the same in Tokyo and Paris.

Well, let's deepen more relatives with our dinner and friends who continue to challenge overseas markets.

It rains a lot this year in Paris fashion week. I hate snow so rain is much better for me. However, I still need to be aware because rain becomes snow quickly once the temperature goes down. By the way in January 2013 it was intensively cold in Paris with heavy snow. It is hard to walk in town and snow freezes solid right next day, so it gets even colder. I'm totally not good at coldness so I always hope it will not snow every day. Actually it was Super Hot in June in Paris on the Other Hand. The Apartments and Showrooms in Paris Originally Do Not Have Air Conditioners, So Inside The Building IT WAS ALWAYS FULL OF HEAT.

Since it was still hot even at night, one day I had a strong headache and I had almost heatstroke. The visitors were sweating heavily that you could see the sweat on the jacket. I ran across a director from a department store in Japan, who I have known for many years. I asked him “It looks like you enjoyed the beaches in Europe. Didn’t you?” And he responded “Hell no!” He had actually been to Florence, Milan, and Paris in three-week business trip under the scorching heats, so he got tanned so much in the end. It was that hot last summer in Europe even if you did not play around, just spending normal life. Because of last summer’s abnormal weather, I was ready to face the first heavy snow in five years. However ,it was a bit warmer than I had expected right after I landed at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Hey, I’m wearing many clothes! But it’s ok… it is much better than snow. Some days in Paris have passed and setting and presentation in showroom have been finished. High fashion brand’s runway has started and AUTUMN2018 fashion week has opened. Japanese brands come to Paris one after another; my diner schedule is now completely full. Dinner with them is very important to exchange information so I’m pretty excited to have one every night. Buyers usually come to Paris after visiting Florence and Milan, so we normally start chatting about the current market situation in Italy. Buyers come to Paris directly from Japan instead, so the conversation starts with new collection and Japan and world’s market. While we all are in Tokyo, we don’t really hang out even though we often say, “Let’s have dinner together!” However, in Paris, it is very easy to make an appointment for it just because we all feel we are fellows challenging the world market. I often go to a steak restaurant in Le Marais, “Robert et Louise” and Sardegna a Tavola in Gare de Lyon, so the owners recognize me right away. “Le404” in north Marais is a Morocan cuisine and I have gone for 16 years. “MARCEL” an Indian Bar by Republic Saint-Martin has been catching my eyes recently and feeling like a regular customer. Once I like it and I keep going to the spot. This is my habit that ever changes both in Tokyo and Paris. Now it’s time to promote friendship with my fellows who keep trying to challenge in oversea markets.

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