New generation of clutch bag

It is KATSUYUKIKODAMA with unique design bags, but today is an introductory item equipped with a changing gimmick.




SURGE (Surge) with the characteristic trapezoidal form of edges (surge) / Clutch-shoulder. While it is a luxury, it is a concept item that symbolizes Katsyukikodama, which leaves a sense of casual.

The front of the Katsuyukikodama original metal parts. Actually this metal part, not just a design. This design is the item of the item now.



Removing the front tab from metal parts and a machi appears in the bag. Furthermore, when you put the supplied strap on both ends, it will change to the shoulder bag. Sharp cutting is also healthy when it is a shoulder that you want to pay attention. Clutch, shoulder Extrudo quality that can be used mainly. Neon color is casually accented by applying the loop back and the pass case to a part. The pass case is also interesting to remove it and put it on other bags!

And "If you want to shop at the beginning of everyday use at the time of daily use, both hands will be blessed. The items that have finally been cleared were completed. If you have some luggage in this work, you will spread the Matte if you increase the map and switch to the shoulder type!

Rather, if you coordinate with a handbag feeling while expanding the machi, the stereoscopic feeling is obscured, and the mode atmosphere is recommended.




SURGE / CLUTCH-SHOULDER, which is active in Genda Free, is also abundant material and color.

KK-221-CIs a type of cowhide characterized by elegant slippers

KK-221-PIs a type of serpention of an edge eagle

KK-221-STIElegant high-end model A leather type.

Put backpack and tote bags and leave it to see it as a Winkend Bag, please check it!



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