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This year was also in Paris at this time of January.

The 13th season is the 13th season since it has announced a new work in Paris in Katsuyukikodama in January 2012. "I'm going to Paris!" Writing to "Pali!" Write that it will be realistic, and it seems that it will be reality, and it's a real dream, but it seems to be a Routine work for every season twice a year.

In June 2002, I participated in the Brand Sales & MD in Paris in the brand Spring2003 collection I worked before, but my own start of my own overseas activity. Even if the expansion of the leader of Paris is the first department store, the company started with a retailer of several countries in the world of countries, the company judged as the cost-effectiveness was not obtained, and the company judged the exhibition at NYC in the summer of 2003. Overseas strategy It will be canceled, but the independent I was able to send my creation to the world and re-challenged Paris for the first time in eight and a half years.

Six years have passed since then. The time is really speed and time passes.

At the time of 2002, the Internet was also starting to spread, and the hotel reservation site was not fulfilling, and it was still a uninfinished suspicious hotel search site and found a booked hotel and made a reservation. Since Google Map is not needed, "How to walk around the earth" is buying and appended to it, the map has been broken from the book and carried around. It was totally primitive though it was only 16 years ago.

It was convenient because I could have all the iPhones as compared to the 2012 to re-challenge Paris, so it was convenient, but the communication infrastructure is still developing. Even in Japan, I just became 3G, Paris is still at the mainstream, and the communication speed was very late and stress accumulated.

The hotel is weak but WiFi is flying, but everyone who stays is almost almost no communication because everyone is using. Most of the updates of Facebook, who were playing around at that time, and I was worried about I came back to Japan and I was worried that I didn't have been updated too much because I was not updated. Compared to that, Paris has also been well equipped with the communication environment and stress has been resolved in communication, but if humans are convenient, it will not want to return to the past.

As well as improving the communication environment, the application is quite substantial. Even in the work, it can be easily contacted by LINE even in private, and thanks to the LINE phone, the telephone fee became zero. Product line seats can also easily reduce the weight of PDF in the application, and even if there is a slight error in the line sheet created in Tokyo's office and rising to Dropbox, screens out that screen and on the screen It became possible to write corrections with handwritten touch.

So, if you feed the screen that has been corrected by handwriting, you will be able to put it on Dropbox and feed the person by LINE or email, Paris will be corrected in the daytime in the daytime in the daytime. Everything is crispy and crispy. Speaking of which, thanks to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, the mail itself has no longer used. APR Device Easy to Data Communication AIRDROP can be used frequently, and the concept of data sharing comes here with the development of the application and achieves great evolution.

Furthermore, I made a SIM-free iPhoneX from this time, and I purchased a SIM of the Cheap Career "Free" in Paris. Kenji-kun, who is in charge of NOSEASON, was recommended to SIM of major career, but if you searched on the web, the reputation of FREE was not halfway and headed to the shop with your own judgment. Even in Japan, a businessman from overseas is asked if it was asked, "How about a major career?" If you can not use it, we can't use it because it can not be used. Surely Kenji-kun has also been the same and the self's SIM was replaced with Softbank SIM.


SIM purchases at the shop of Free Shops also showed only French and manipulated machines like an unpopulated ATM, and I was able to get better than I thought. There was a shop for FREE near Madeleine Temple, but it was not only cheap but not only cheap but this easyness ... I thought.

Impressions that set the SIM of cheap career at the first SIM free terminal. It was comfortable and turning off mobile communication and data roaming off and went out of the hotel and office WiFi environment and it was not connected to the net, and it was no longer uneasy. In Japan, it is safe because there is no environment that does not connect to the net, but it is safe to calm down that it is not under the same environment, but we are a puppy that is connected to the collar.

Also, it is a communication speed, but perfect 4g. Fast fast with sacsaku. If you search, it's a story that you can't do it in the subway, but it's not so subway, so FREE is enough at the present stage. Now you have to borrow mobile WiFi for overseas!

By the way, mobile WiFi for overseas is 10,000 yen for 10 days rental of Noroma 3G model, and overseas data roming services of major career are high in front of 4G environment and high. So, this free SIM is 4G and available up to 100GB to 100GB to 1 month 19.99 € + SIM price 10 € = 29.99 €. An additional charge does not occur in the fact that it is only a major use of communication restrictions even if it exceeds 100 GB within 1 month for about 4,000 yen. In addition, a fixed telephone to Japan is also free, and it is an option to be unlimited to be used up to 25GB in European tour. This is a completely spare overseas data roam of overseas mobile WiFi and major career.

Style of overseas business trips that have been transformed dramatically in a year. This is a serious industrial revolutionary change. Even if it is not in Japan, it does not change at all when it is in Japan. People around the world use Apple and Google's OS, and the hard is common. As a result, the border of the race and border has disappeared. Furthermore, the application continues to evolve, and the level of life itself has been raised by the request of the terminus user of the world world and the developers who answered. It is quite an experience that spends in the extremely time of the times. If you don't care about the tremendous change of this tide.

Oops, get used to this time I write the blog late at night with the sloppy blogging became a long sentence. Well, the sky is getting bright and I have to go to bed soon!

Paris Fashion Week is a starting day today.


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