Episode of DencityMania_Pack-4


A well-balanced balance that draws beautiful arcs and feels a sense of volume. The backpack calculated so far is not seen in the fashion market. The fashion market trend is currently seated in a style called a luxury street. In the market that is no longer passed by the mode of the mode, keywords such as "Street" and "Casual Sense" are required. Katsuyukikodama is a backpack main brand and is for the purpose of being able to do daily use, so there is a strong commitment to these keywords. And this "casual feeling" is the strength of [DensityMania] of Katsuyukikodama, which is not influenced by the trend.

Episode of Density Mania Pack-4

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2014 AW EXTHIBITIONPack-Since 1 played a shocking debut, the designer's huge balls have been thinking about the development of items with the name of DensityMania next. The beauty of himself to the backpack. appearance. Functionality, silhouette, detell. Several days were stuffed to pack a word or image word as a daily as a backpack. DENSITYMANIA Pack-1The designer of the name of the designer and the designer of the designer.Pack-4The birth of the born is created from the inversion idea.

If you want to see. Design, let's make a positive thinking about condensing the details.Pack-4Has vice versa. It was decided to produce from negative thinking. We will subtract design from the designed design. Do not lose weight design. Match a number of design images, cut out the design, and attract details and attract them in the form. SoPack-4The skeleton has become clear.


In order to have a sense of volume in the bottom, the machi has a length of 20 cm to the machi while maintaining a stylish angle. On the other hand, the top was completed with a stream-shaped fashion that makes it felt unique swell by designing flat. 20cm Machi is a main compartment for the largest class for brand history, which can be stored refreshed without changing clothes or large luggage. Since it is an easy-to-use capacity at travel and travel, support from users who usually use tote bags that can be used and used tote bags were also collected. In addition, it was easy to use Katsyukikodama's new standard, easy to use in business scenes such as laxes specializing in minimal and laptops up to 15 inches.

Drop the details, woven with bold cutting and flow curves, let me feel a good rhythmPack-4It boasts a strong popularity as of 2018 as well. There is also one of the attractiveness of the development of various materials following PACK-1.

Pack-4 's true osteology does not rely on detells and materials. Here is a minimalism [beauty].


Episode of DencityMania_Pack-4 END


It has a perfect balance with a feel of volume shaping an arch and can be used daily. I'm pretty sure there are not other backpacks as unique as this is. The trend in current fashion market is "Luxury Street". You can not miss these words, "street" and "casual" because just a word of "mode" can not be accepted anymore in the market. KATSUYUKIKODAMA's main item is backpack and it is made as daily-use. Those two words above are strongly emphasized in this brand . KATSUYUKIKODAMA's "DENSITYMANIA" has this strong key word of "casual", which is never affected by ay trends. Since PACK-1 had its impressive debut in 2014 AW EXTHIBITION, designers have started to focus on next items with the name of DENSITYMANIA. The beauty we seek for the backpacks, the function, the silhouette, and the details. We have put every key word and image we came up with into the backpacks every single day. DENSITYMANIA PACK-1 has the design made with a lot of thoughts From the designers. HOWEVER, PACK-4 WOUULD BE BORN B ya reversal in thinking. For instance, if the positive thought were supposed to be condensed by designs and details, PACK-4 would be totally opposite. It was made from the negative ideas. We made a subtraction designs from the designs we had built while not making the design week. We have multiplied many designs and subtracted designs as much as possible. Narrowing the details and make the form gorgeous. This is how PACK-4 was born. To have some volume on the bottom, we decided to have 20cm for the gusset, still keeping the look stylish. On the other hand the top was designed to be flat, so that we could finish the form with keeping its unique winding shape. This is the biggest compartment in the brand, which you can store some cloths and things to bring with you. It is very useful for travelers so it catches attention from the ones who use tote bags. Also, it was the time for the new standard in KATSUYUKIKODAMA to be born with its minimalized looks and the capacity to allow UP To 15i nch laptops to be store. With details sliced ​​off, dynamic cutting, and curving shape, which give us comfortable rhythms, PACK-4 is strongly popular still in 2018. It has a various materials to choose followed by PACK-1, which is one OF THE REASONS OF THE ATTRACTIONS. The True Worth of Pack4 Is The Beauty with a Minimalism Born from the Form Itself Not Counting on the Detail and Materials. TAKUYA TODA

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