Memory and aspiration inheritance ~ R.I.p. Fujioka Handma

in frontHereBut I wrote, but I am in the United States Progress Band Dream Theater in this eight years.

It is finally tied to the shocking performance technique of "Images & Words" released in 1992, and it is finally at the album. Technicals that are fed out one after another, I finally became a fishery song, and it was finally in a state of being felt, and it was temporarily at a distance to them.

But after a long time in Youtube in 2010, the hero and reunion of Dream Theater. While watching the Live video of a year, it will come back to the rest of the rest of the rest. The BGM flowing in the flagship store of Katsuyukikodama is always DREAM Theater. It spends every day of creation journey while being wrapped in the music of serious play.

A band that could not be worthwhile to won the two years ago, with Dream Theater. It's a band of American bands, no European band, what and Japanese band. It was originally active from before, I knew the name, but I was able to misunderstand the colored idol group and was completely through.

That band is so ...., "BABYMETAL".

The first time I first met them (her?) Spring 2016. During a certain point of view, Babymetal's album went out to the 15th place in the general chart of the whole edition. I felt that I was thinking about "15th place?" Because I thought Babymetal thought about BabyMetal, "What is it 15th? What is it? A Japanese chart?"

The business talk partner was a pretty BABYMETAL fan, and he shooked the PV of the "Gimi Choco" of the masterpiece with the PC you had. I watched it surprised! Of course I was also with the singing power of Su-Metal, YUI-METAL and MOA-METAL dance unit, but I was beaten to the overwhelming performance of the back god band.

The song itself is also A Melo ~ B Melo-Sabi-Guitar solo ~ B Melo-Sabi's full metal song development, with a fully metal song of the twin guitar and the rhythm corps, the unison, slash metal and hardcore metal, perfect High-speed marathon-to-bath, heavy Sabicorus and Death voice shout, and metal songs are indispensable, he sings of a tephony high-tone, it was an orthodox and royal road's the heavy metal. I was stunned by that, チャ チャ チャ チャ チャ チャ 思い 思い だ 思い 思い 思い 思い 思い 思い 思い d d d d d d d d d d d d d .

A large pop-up of Daimaru Shinsaibashi Daimaru 1F, which was held in 2016, a 500 km road to take home from Osaka to Tokyo, and the high-looking car has a much longer BabyMetal! From "BabyMetal Death" to "The One", repeat all 25 songs, and I drove alone and I was back to Tokyo together. Pop-up in Daimaru Shinsaibashi was a good sales for the last time, and I sang with good mood.

BABYMETAL's "Metal Resistance" is the first appearance 39th place in the comprehensive chart of Billboard. Even though it was 64th place in Lightning Strikes of Loudness, it was a great place to be 39th place, and the TOP40 was in the first time in 53 years since Sakamoto. Not only Loudness, but I was able to accomplish the Japa Meta world Anthem, EZO, X Japan, Saiko in the Song, and Utada Hikaru, who were scientific with the US market.

After that BabyMetal, BabyMetal is actively touring Western and the Japanese live in the first London Wembley Arena, 12,000 people maker, and Tokyo Dome 2 DAYS also fulfilled the world tour in the fall of the year. And now, there is still a tour of the world as an opening act of an artist who is a rockfan & metal kids, who is still lucky, Guns & Roses, Metallica, and has a global movement.

I also carry marathon on the Gym and BabyMetal PV. One song is long, so I run 3 kg easily if you run while listening to three songs. Among the cars BabyMetal is the next Habirote next to Dream Theater. Even in the flagship store, business hours are left to rest with "No Rain, No Rainbow". BabyMetal has completely rooted in my life.

Such BABYMETAL God Band's guitarist Atsushima, Mr. Hitoshi Fujioka, was died at a young age of 36 on January 5th. It seems that he has fallen from the high place during astronomical observation of his hobby. Mr. Fujioka was active in BABYMETAL, in the music vocational school lecturer and music magazine, and the temporary band of side projects.

Mr. Fujioka's guitar technique, who plays a 7-strunt guitar with a large one-strunt than usual, is a progressive, and the tone of the high-tone with a lot of picking harmonics is as a violin. Another guitarist Omura Omura Omura Takao Omura was a student and a student who was a student and a student. Bottle Bottle of the base Boh, Drum Aoyama Hideaki-san and Maeda Yu-san was adding to the unison battle.

The combination of the back god band and Su-Metal YUI-METAL · MOA-METAL · Front Act is super perfect for each year, and the world has accumulated numerous results in the world and the next highest Just because it was time to go to the stage, Mr. Fujioka's sudden death is disappointing, and it can not be helped.

Babymetal that suddenly appeared in my day I was immersed in Dream Theater. Also in order to inherit the thoughts and aspiration of Mr. Fujioka, I will support BABYMETAL.

I sincerely pray for the good luck of Mr. Fujioka.


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