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It may be about 3 to 4 years ago, and clutch bags were popular as fashion items in Japan, and it was acquired citizenship as a basic item.

Katsuyukikodama is also an item deployment that falls under the clutch bag rather than an exception. Today, we will introduce Mini Clutch from the SURGE series with a lot of inquiries.





First of all, the visual of the front of the front. Large-driven tabs and original metal parts are designed not only fashion but also the functionality that can hold the clutch bag firmly through the arm. It is a unusual design, but in the case of styling, it also has a strong style of a strong style, such as an image, also has a strong style of a strong style.




A Leather bag that can be said to be a pronoun of Katsuyuki Kodama × A large-scale No. 10 Bislonfaser is also healthy, and it is an item that can felt Katsuyukikodama ISM firmly to this compact item. While saying unique designs to clutch bags, you can carry in a sense close to accessories.

If you grab a good original pull-in for the SURGE series and open the fastener, the katsuyukikodama logo is furnished with the face. One side partition is also a point that is useful for putting devices such as iPad.


Daily use of course uses compact look to store passports, tickets, pens, etc. on one side, and use in-flight bags such as travel and business trips, and use as a mobility bag.



further. Actually, there is a hidden slit pocket on the back, and the slit pocket can be hooked with glasses and sunglasses as well as smartphones. This function works in a party scene with weddings and dress codes, and informal sites. Because it is a wide lineup with color development and rough difference, it is also the point where you can use it for gender free.

How about looking for a favorite mini-clutch close to lifestyle? ? You should surely find one point of perfect! !


Color variations



Color variations



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