Decoration to evolve


2018 also started earlier than this week. Thank you again this year.

Early New Year's Eve, Pitti set is already in Florence and the show is also started from 9th (Tue). Fashion Week moves to Milan after this, and our participation Paris is from the 17th (Wed). Every year I have been excited and tensioned every day.

The season theme is as follows. "The Decorations and The Beauty". Customization event "A Decoration with ART ~ BE Yourself, Just for YOU (only you, you only), the decoration plan of Katsuyukikodama starts separately, and this time Paris Fashion Week AUTUMN 2018 gives you a scream decoration subled by the mainstream.

A new work announced in Paris is the biggest Yama-style at the beginning of decoration promotion that will lead to one year. It will not be impossible to be excited!

Customized planning that starts from decoration that has a lot of Italian Ramponi's studs and graphate (nail head), and new items that the item itself will be decorated, and the items that have been seen easily appeared in Paris. Domestic exhibitions in February after returning to date will also announce decoration charms and decoration and swaps.

In 2018, Katsuyukikodama, which continues to evolve with beauty and art decoration, leads you to a different stage! First of all, in this blog in this blog. stay tuned!


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