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Apple products are cool.

Recently the character was continued, so I relax a little and lewdle.

Speaking of products representing Apple, someone who is Japanese who knows anywhere is the iPhone and MacBook. Everything is a creative and sophisticated design to a horrible. It's a stylish and a new iPhone to show a commercial and visual, but I'm excited.

All KK teams Mac users. The designer's jade ball is Borderless in the world with surge / Clutch and iPadPro. Sales's Kugamatsu also fly around the country with MacBook on Pack-5. I am a cafe in MacBook Pro in Pack-6 and a crispy job or anywhere in the neighborhood park. Lol

※ All IMAC and iPhone use are common

We use Katsuyukikodama products and favorite Apple products in combination. It goes without saying that both brand items in both the minimalism have been accompanied.

Today I am using private matter using private matter used as a daily use item and introduce the Styling of the Italian studded model and organizer of Pack-6.


How many times do it. It seems how many times, but I feel good when I get a Mac Book from Pack-6 with a Mac Book. Lol

Items that enhance their tension are very important. It is an important point.

And I will introduce Organizer for the first time from here.


Mac charger, Magic Mouse feels sized. There are other figures that contain USB or iPhone peripherals. Items that tend to be bribious can also be carried around with a stylish. I am using the inner neon color that works well. Other pill cases, put lip creams, eye drops, regulatory drugs, etc. The designer's jade ball is a style of two organizers used as organizer and pill cases that contain AC equipment. The front logo is also an impact and it is an item that feels like "KatsyukikoDama life". Everyone is also looking for items to fit just on their lives! !

This time I decided to take a picture of the designer's Kodama and Sales to take a picture of the Katsuyukikokodama styling of my personal thing. Then again.


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