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1/4 ¢ ýè-2

happy New Year. Thank you very much for KATSUYUKIKDAMA this year.

Well, but it will be continuous from today, it will be available from the FlagShip Store to deliver hot SALE information. However, the target product at the Flagship Store and the official online store are the '17 / AW SALE, which will be ALL30% OFF.

Popular Wallet, Bodybag, and leather lessons, such as KATSUYUKIKDAMA icons, are special prices! ! The sale venue provided a special booth in the 1F of Katsyukikodama Flagship Store. It is not a SALE item. Sale's highlight items are also engaged in the black color item of brand and glossy black color and Italian studs. Please check CHECK because it is worth a look! !


I think that there is a lot of negative images when you hear SALE. Honestly, because I was. This is because it is time to make a lot of products for SALE and sell a large amount. Don't you feel like being deceived? Lol

On the other hand, our Sale is a genuine Katsuyukikodama product created by Paradiddle Lab, which is its own factory. A piece of part number, color and size that can not make the same thing for fabrics and leather. So a few very few. I have a meeting with items that can not be seen anymore, so I would appreciate your visit to a treasure hithography.

Please feel free to contact us if you're worried about the picture of the SALE venue.







kjnii Then I am on STORE!


Katsyukikodama Flagship Store / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12


Regular holiday: Every Sunday, Monday

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