Next darling

AUTUMN2018 · Sample production for Paris · Fashion Week is in progress and in progress.

The Season Concept of Autumn 2018 is "Decorations and the Beauty", "Katsuyukikodama Item Decorate You" is the theme skeleton. The color is black, and a number of new works that feel the rush to the new area will be completed in the new year.

The long-lasting backpack trend is a platinitical right, and the new work that will implant a wedge (wedge) in a drought market waiting for a new ude, and the power aura even in the part state where it is not a solid I'm out of Gingin.

Paradiddle Lab of our own factory in the Sorida River's own factory is working on 28th. If you look at the new part of the new work that emits the aura in the Lab who is quiet, the image of the new year's paris will be expanded.

The new work of the origin regression, expressed as a word, it is just the brand concept "appearance". Beauty with silence and power strength. Fit from the frontThe newly created new work will definitely be a drive of the new area.

When the trend matures, the market waits for the next darling. What is the darling waiting for everyone? And when is the birth? The new area and the new area's traffic are exactly the brand side that creates a new ude to decide whether the crossing is long. By the way, what kind of darling will produce any darling in the next Paris. ? I'm really looking forward to it.

The Pack1's Density Mania, which we created, raised the backpack to the primary's mainstream. Moreover, the street item development in the high-end area is innovative itself, and still continues to expandI'm rushing. Street and high-end and beauty were fused DENSITY MANIA, and the darling of Pack1 to PACK6 was grown and became adults, and finally the citizenship.

If the year is opened, new works of Katsuyukikodama are born. It is exactly the same as creating DENSITY MANIA, and the market will be announced in Paris while seeking the next big shit.

The new main item has a new item given the name of the flower "Strychnos Elektr (Striknos Electric" "that was confined in the amber in a rose of 45 million years ago, and the beauty that has been ready for silence and power strength It is an item of a new "appearance".

First of all, please feel the potential of Katsuyukikodama in Paris, along with the beginning of 2018.

Well, 2017 is also New Year's Eve.

We were able to spend a wonderful year really a year, supported this year. I will be a good year while living now for this moment. Thank you to all the sincerely. Thank you always so much. And thank you again next year.

Everyone, please have a good year.



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