Hand carrying for a long time

AUTUMN2018, AUTUMN2018, Pali-Fashion Week, which starts from January 17th, I applied for the ATA Karne's application to import and export samples of Paris Week.

ATA Karne is issued by the Japan Corporation's Corporate Corporation's Corporate Corporation in a customary notebook for products and samples used in exhibitions and samples to be taxed as tax exemption. Samples for exhibitions are not selling locally, as they are still tax-free, but if this ATA Karane is not, it will be subject to tax as it is not proved to be a sample. Samples with no ATA Karane are exported before the exhibition, and if the exhibition is finished, it will be taxed twice. Because it is not enough to be sold in France and Japan, the application of ATA Karne is a mandatory for overseas exhibitions because it is not so much taxed in France and Japan.

I'm getting used to this application work for many years, but I am always familiar with my application will be the last minute. Issued this time, it became a year-old crease, and it was quite cold and sweat.

Samples for this Paris have exported cargo with Air and I have a hand carry. All Japan will return together, but I needed two ATA Carnets of Air and Hand, and the application fee was doubled. I'm always exporting all the samples, so I'm exporting all with Air, but this time there was no gap that could produce a sample with too tight of the production schedule of Lab. The sample UP of the Buddha is a long time ago, but a long time Hand Carry is that it is fresh or fresh.

NYC, who just started to exhibit overseas, and I brought a lot of samples in Hand Carry at Paris and 14 years ago NYC. The exhibition at the first Paris, which was resurrected at Katsuyukikodama, also had a product dyeing and washing the product, and it was also possible to push the sample to the carry case as it was, and went to Haneda.

It was also difficult to find a counter to sign the Customs Customs to Customer Customs Customs Hospites. Narita and Haneda in Japan are not woke, but Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris can not be. There are quite a quite a quite a counter, so it can not be found quite easily. Since the people who are looking for a counter in one hand in Fashion Week, they are laucky if they find such people. If you go for that person, you will get to the counter. But Milan Malpensa Airport was quite difficult at the time of fashion week.

I recovered the sample placed in Marcona3, and I arrived at Malpensa Airport in the morning, but there is no one in the counter that will sign the ATA Karane who finally found it. There is no one and the shutter is closed. And open time is written from 9 o'clock in the morning. Hey, my plane is 9:40 minutes! ? After having a quick sign with an open counter, I left my luggage and went through Imigure, and I remember that I ran out of the airport and jumping to the airplane in Malpensa Airport.

If the Italian Customer officials have been late, you will be missing the plane. I felt that it would be an error that I checked the business hours of the customs clearance office and did not take an air ticket.

The Western business trip at the beginning was not used to travel, and it was just a series of rare games.

I would like to experience overseas business trips, and that's no reasonable. If you go out, you can go anywhere in Google Map by the birth of the iPhone, and you can move cheaply and cheap with Uber even if there are a lot of luggage. Because of the phone call, communication expenses were significantly reduced thanks to LINE phone, and since iPhone X has been a SIM-free model, this paris is replaced with prepaid SIM to use cheap carrier lines. I'm sorry for the overseas pocket WiFi.

Nothing is dramatically evolving as the first Paris business trip 15 years ago. While looking at the ATA Karne's application, our Creation Journey has not been able to grow in the same way and felt strongly.


[Image] TRANOI that exhibited for the first time. January 2012.

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