Episode of Density Mania_Pack-6


What is DensityMania Katsuyukikodama Designer's words drawn words. DENSITY = Condensation mania = enthusiasm Spinning words and enthusiastic series that condenses the aesthetics of Katsuyukikodama " Maximizes detail of the detail that makes you feel even a kind of fetishism. Beautiful form that is created through a complex process.

Since the release of Pack-1 Since the release of the update is currently expanded, Pack-6, which is the position of the last numbering. Sign of that story.

Episode of DensityMania Pack6



Pack-6 of the neat face with solid. Drop decoration, and overall north-stick, minimal finish. A beautiful form and the No. 10 zipper that draw a streamline The mode atmosphere is fragrant.

That should be it. PACK-6 roots are the first generation IPack-4. The idea began with Pack-4 size down. At first, the design is the directivity of the reduction rate like PACK-1. . . No, something is different! ! When.

The creation was dropped to the creation to grasp the something from here. Some dummy samples of Sosaru, a designer Kodama and factory chief, have been developed. Sublimation as a completely new item while truly irresuring the details of Pack-4 and the appearance. It will be a later PACK-6.

The presentation of Paris was greeted where a certain degree of fullness became revealed, and it became unveiled, but after that, Kodama correction continues. Since I saw it, the number was over 10 times and spent 3 months of time. Sako Sako was likely to be a neurose. This switch is on the outside of 4 mm and on 2 mm. Specification change of fastener. Machi depth change. A storm that does not stop.

PARADDLE LAB, which is along the Sumida River, was made into a non-night castle every night, and PACK-6 felt finally the intention of PACK-4 was completed.

A beautiful form that draws streamlines that put in the end of a relaxed pursuit is only Pack-6, and "Beauty" and "appearance".



Episode of DensityMania_Pack-6 _end.



DENSITYMANIA is a word created by the designer, Kodama, of KATSUYUKIKODAMA by mixture of DENSITY and MANIA. This can be considered a maniac series of condensed beauty of KATSUYUKIKODAMA. It is aggregation of details, which could give us a sense of fetishism. Since PACK -1 Came Out, We Have Updated Continuously and Pack-6 IS The Latest. Here is the story. Episode of DENSITYMANIA PACK6 PACK6, it has a solid and clear-cut face. Overall, It has been finished with no-stitch appearance, breaking off unnecessary decorations. The figure shaping a beautiful streamline and No.10 zipper create a scent of MODE. NO WONDER. The Roots of Pack-6 CAME FROM PACK-4 From the First Generation. We Started with the IDEA, WHICH CAME FROM SIZING DOWN OF PACK-4. First of all, We Started with A Reduction Rate of Pack- 1 and then tried to adjust the size and kept going with its original design ... but it was not what we expected !! To reach something we were aiming for, we started to pursue the goal even more. The designer, Kodama, and the factory manager, Sako, made countless dummy samples from then. Keeping the taste of and details of PACK-4 somewhere, we needed to create something completely new. It was going to be called PACK-6 afterwards. Once the whole appearance almost came up, We Had A Presentation In Paris. However, Kodama's Revision Still Continued. IT TOOK more than 10 times and three months to finish up. He almost had a neurosis at that time. 4mm more outside ... 2mm up ... specification change of a zipper. Gusset depth change. There were countless revisions in front of us. After non-sleep days in PARADIDDLE LAB by Sumida River, PACK-6 finally came out with succeeding the essence of PACK-4. Now you can see the beautiful figure made with a streamline through our thoughts and peerless pursuits in PACK-6, which has an absolute " Beauty "and" atmosphere ". Episode of DensityMania_Pack-6 _END.

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