Spirit of the times

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Was the word spirit and what you have heard?

Katsuyukikodama's era spirit. Produces items in this era. Representation of creation's attitude.

Here is what will be introduced today.


Wallet series of KATSUYUKIKODAMA. You should have many people know. There is also a person who can not know if it can be read as many as you know

The solution to the problem is better, and this is the Zeitgeist (Zeit Guist). Because the original is German, the end of the word is short and read and read is carried properly!

Well, it is not inferior to the popularity of the backpack, and it boasts a strong popularity Zeitgeist Series. Today is the focus on its popular key.




It should be noted that a variety of rich lineups that make full use of Materials representing KATSUYUKIKODAMA. I previously introduced

Stingray and Italian studs, diamond pison, of course, are expanding.

And this time, I would like to pay attention to this time.



RIRI Fastener

Wallets of Katsuyukikodama use Swiss luxury fastener brand RIRI commonly known as 8M (Hachimeta, Hachimetal). There are many people who know Japanese domabula. Let's dig a little about Lily today!

RIRI is a Swiss luxury fastener brand with 80 years of history. Delays (Gathergglands running by Mushi = Slider) are harder and do not take care of it, and a distinctive unique opening and closing feeling of girigi will be ill. If you want to examine Zippo and DuPont's gatsby sounds and feels, etc. It has a product of RIRI dip for the first time, especially in the world.

RIRI is a high-grade fastener from being well met with military and bonal styles.

The ballet drawn with Katsuyukikodama's beautiful form and 8M RIRI zip contrast is very beautiful. This is a Zeitgeist itself out of the pork cutlet of the maternal and non-bonish fustener.

Fastener of the furnished coin pocket is no longer RIRI. Exquisite size and card storage that can be entered without breaking up to 10,000 yen bills are 12-stage and large capacity.

It is an overwhelming quality that seems to be felt that it will be possible to put in a pocket or bag. Please try to feel it! !


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